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Foam, paint, and back to school fun

Promoted with side walk chalk and on social media, students anticipated Gorilla Activity Board’s (GAB) back-to-school foam and paint powder party Monday, Aug. 20, from 8 to 10 p.m. The Glow Party, known as “Operation Glow” was a celebration after the first day pf classes for all PSU students. 

“The intent of this event is to bring campus together on the very first day of school and show them how awesome being a Gorilla can be and just giving people, like coming to school is so stressful and it’s just like you know what we’re going to have fun on the first night of school,” said Rachel Lubowicz, junior in accounting and GAB member. 

GAB organized the event and brought Operation Glow back to Pitt State for the second year after the success of last year’s back to school party.  

“We go to conventions that have different programs that we learn about and they come and promote to us and we just thought this would be a really fun thing to bring to Pitt,” Lubowicz said. 

Operation Glow arrived at PSU with speakers, a foam cannon, buckets of powder paint, and a DJ. 

“It’s a little hectic, but it’s also really fun because I’m doing it with the people I love and … every little part getting together is satisfying because it’s accomplishing a big thing with little things,” Lubowicz said. 

Music resonated through campus from the Glow Party, featuring students dressed in white ready for blasts of colors and foam. The first 75 students received a free t shirt, then after signing a waiver and receiving a wrist band students were free to explore the many paint options. GAB also provided water for students as well as shower caps for those who didn’t want to get paint in their hair or phones. 

“… This is my first time, I didn’t really know what to expect, just to have a fun time,” said J.P. Harrison, junior in communication. 

With glow face paint available and buckets of powder paint available, students in attendance were quickly colorful. Students showed constant excitement to have the opportunity to throw paint at their friends and themselves. 

“I had a great time, it was super fun and uplifting for a good start to the school year,” said Taylor Stewart, junior in communication. 

At nightfall Lindburg Plaza turned into a student rave filled with flashing lights, black lights, lasers, glowing paint, and flying foam.  

“I thought it was really good,” Harrison said. “I thought it was a really good way to start the school year.” 

Students danced all night to a variety of songs mixed by the DJ, letting loose before the semester takes full swing and students become consumed with classwork. 

“It was quite the party,” Stewart said. “Yeah I don’t know, it exceeded my expectations, that’s for sure.”  

Upon 10 p.m. the music and lights died down and students began to clear out covered head-to-toe in color and wet foam. 

“It was great, you guys did a great job this year,” said Kolton Darrow, sophomore in biology.  

Operation Glow worked to get students excited about campus, providing an opportunity to make friends and unwind after the first day of class. 


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