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How to build up a great makeup collection

When it comes to building a makeup collection as a beginner in makeup, watching all those makeup tutorials and makeup artists with large varieties of beauty products can be intimidating. To those beginners, there should be no reason to feel overwhelmed with intimidation because there are five great tips to accumulating a decent size makeup collection. 

The first step is to keep in mind that you are new to makeup, unlike some of the makeup artists you see on YouTube; these experienced artists have had a little more time than you to accumulate a large quantity of products. Start off with just a few basic items like mascara, foundation, and a brow pencil. Use these to practice with and when ready move up to some more advanced products.  

The second step is to buy eyeshadows through pallets. This not only saves you money, but also gives you the chance to accumulate a large variety of colors in your collection. The great thing about pallets is that they usually come with mattes, glitters, and sometimes chromes or metallic shadows all in one, already advancing your collection as a beginner.  

The third step is to begin with cheaper products. There are tons of makeup brands that are cheap that have a great quality formula like Elf, Essence, and L.A. Girl; these are all brands that usually keep everything under $15. Once you start out and practice with some of these products moving into investing in more expensive brands will make you feel much more comfortable. 

The fourth step is to make room for your items. Make sure you have the appropriate makeup storage for your collection. Don’t go buying a huge vanity when you have five makeup items; tend to what you need instead of what you want. Pick up what you need as you grow your collection. There are a few websites you can buy storage from like Amazon, Jet.com, overstock.com, and many other similar sites. 

The fourth step is to not go out and buy a product solely because it’s trending. Avoiding trying to keep up with the Joneses will save you far more money to buy the products you are interested in. This is not to say you can’t try something that is trending, however, making the correct decision to what you need and actually want in your collection will save you from wasting a makeup item and your money.  

The fifth step in gaining a makeup collection is to make it fun. Don’t let something that is supposed to be fun and playful stress you out. Each product you buy should be one you want and feel that you could create the most slayed, beautiful face out there. There is no use to your makeup if it doesn’t make things a little more fun and exciting, so make sure it’s worth it. 

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