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At-home pizza bagels


1 whole regular sized plain or everything bagel, cut in half 

4 tbsp. marinara sauce 

1/3 cup spinach, cut 

1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 

2 tbsp. diced tomatoes 

2 tbsp. diced onions 



To start off these quick, homemade pizza bagels cut either a plain or everything bagel in half, separating the top and bottom. Next, spoon two tablespoons of marinara sauce atop the flat sides of both halves and spread evenly. Add more or less sauce depending on your preference. 

Dice tomatoes and onions, cut spinach into pieces; set aside. Shred cheese and set aside or use store bought shredded cheese. 

Sprinkle cheese evenly over the marinara for both halves; save some cheese for a later final touch. Follow with the spinach, tomatoes, and onions. Top and finish the bagel with the rest of the shredded cheese. The two halves should now look fairly identical.  

Next, preheat the toaster oven to about 300 degrees; set both pizza bagel halves on a toaster oven-safe pan, insert into toaster oven. Bake until all cheese has melted and the bagels reach golden brown toasted state; bake longer or shorter depending on your preference of crispiness. 

Remove the pizza bagels and let set for a few minutes to cool before enjoying. 



Growing up my family always ate Bagel Bites as a weekend snack or quick lunch, though as a college student with three roommates freezer space is quite limited. With this in mind I wanted to create a recipe that would be not only quick and easy but also healthy. 

This recipe can be made with a wide variety of toppings, so if the toppings I have listed do not suit your fancy or you want to switch things up, simply substitute one or multiple for one of your favorites for to create another pizza! 

These pizza bagels are fun and friendly; great for a quick dinner pick-me-up and substitution for spending your money on yet another typical commercial pizza pie or a party treat to spruce up the night. All ingredients listed come in come in bulk, so you can enjoy this recipe multiple days; if you’re in a time crunch for a bite to eat this is the food for you as well!  

All my life I have always loved a good homemade pizza, so finding different ways to do that are always very exciting! You can accomplish a homemade pizza in a large variety of ways, from bagels to tortillas to slices of bread or even making your own dough; each is different from the other but have one thing in common: they are very delicious and versatile! 

Use this opportunity as a fun chance to bond with your kids or friends and see who can create the coolest pizza—that’s what my family did growing up and we always loved it! I hope you and your friends or family can enjoy this simple and fun recipe for upcoming dinners, parties, or a sudden snack! 

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