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American takes Americana

The 4th of July snuck up as quick as the recurring tube-top trend this summer, which means you aren’t in much need of guidance for how to show your red, white, and blue this year, but we can discuss how we rocked it! 

Every year the 4th of July is the same with the overwhelming combinations of red, white, and blue along with the additions of glitter, sequins, and anything else overly obnoxious. Though, with that said, there are ways to show your tried and true American pride without all the overwhelming features. 

Name brand commercial stores always rank out on top for the fourth, namely Target and Old Navy. These two stores are the top contenders for 4th of July style clothing; Target features multiple options of cute and casual tops ranging from frilly tank tops to graphic tees with American-based phrases, Old Navy on the other hand features their iconic 24-year-old American flag graphic tee year after year, along with various red/white/blue casual tank tops and relaxed-fit shirts. 4th of July celebrations everywhere men and women both are spotted sporting Target and Old Navy Americana items with pride. This trend does not seem to have slowed down at all in recent years, if anything each year adds further momentum for the two retailers. 

Obviously you can find 4th of July gear virtually everywhere and anywhere, though another outlet that often provides great resources are thrift stores such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, the DAV, and any other near you. The key factor about thrift stores is that when a certain holiday approaches there will often be a surplus of items pertaining to that holiday; given, many of the clothes found at these locations most likely will be very worn-in and dated, though all you need is a some outside-the-box-thinking! Branching out from your typical size of clothing opens your options up vastly, with that in mind if you’re a female try venturing to the men’s section even; oftentimes you’ll find men’s extra large, clichéd American shirts perfect for some DIY cutting! As crop tops are still running the summer game, any T-shirt you find all you have to do is cut off the majority of the shirt’s bottom and ta-da! Searching online for cute, trending DIY ideas for cutting shirts bring great options like the crop-top, or the tie-in-the-front often seen this summer, and many others equally as quick and easy (but just as adorable and summer-friendly!). 

Many people often enjoy sticking to their traditional 4th of July shirt worn, every year, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, just try to spice it up every once in a while with a cheap thrift store addition or trendy and decently priced Target/Old Navy accents. Whatever the shirt you choose, or chose this year, a perfect pairing you can never go wrong with is the typical straight-cut blue jean shorts for women or khaki/cargo shorts for men. Women often find and sport those patriotic shorts featuring stars and strips all over it or peaking out on the front pockets, but there is a key to remember when pairing such patriotic shirts and shorts together without going overboard.  

When creating that perfect American ensemble this is one time where going all out is a little too far out. The main key to keep in mind is to keep things simple but with a mix of small and large accents. Such as, if you do sport those patriotic shorts mentioned before, try pairing it with a simple white, red, blue, or grey tank top or solid-colored T-shirt. The same goes for if you choose to wear a very busy and colorful shirt, pair such with a simple, solid-set jean shorts (even with rips, perhaps). What it really comes down to in the end is your own best judgment; if you catch yourself wondering if one (or multiple) addition(s) is possibly too much, it probably is. Simply tie on a red, white, or blue bandana on your wrist or in your hair for a festive accent and you’re ready to rock it America style! 

This year Target and Old Navy proved to run the show, with thrift stores as a major underdog shining through, so keep your eyes peeled and closet rocking for next year’s celebration—it’s never too soon to prepare for the holidays! 

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