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Romping in your romper

For the past few summers rompers have made their ultimate comeback and every fashion lover is seemingly eating them up, this leading to new trends like the jumpsuit and now tube-top jump suit. The other side of this trend, though, features many upset fasionistas—such as myself.  

Rompers are great summer outfit, as oftentimes they provide excellent airflow with their most typical light fabrics and loose fit. Not only this, they also can fall in range from both casual and fancy, depending on the day’s activities. Though, this trend is not high on everyone’s list of favorite summer outfits—or simply outfits in general. For many, rompers accentuate leg length and tan lines (or absence of), but for anti-romper lovers this is not the case. 

Rompers were made firmly with the intention of use for skinny girls sporting flat bellies and little to no curves, as those who sport the opposite face constant struggles in opposition of the bursting trend. These fashionistas have grown noticeably cynical toward rompers, as curvy women often have the toughest time finding a romper that works for them in all body areas. 

For the girls who have straight waistlines and less-developed chest are able to fit in just about any romper no matter the style and have no worries as to whether it looks good or not, for curvy girls it is the opposite. Girls who have wider hips and larger assets may search far and wide for the right romper and either never find one or else spend far too much time and money on the effort; still, depending on the style and cut, these women risk falling out of the romper (both bust and buttocks areas), simply not being able to fit it over her thighs/buttocks, or it looking strange all together. 

Another group who face adversity toward rompers are the extra (or averagely) tall women. One of the key concepts to remember about rompers is that normally they are not made of much material, which means those with a long torso or legs may face noticeable troubles. While rompers are great for open, flowiness this does not pair well for those who sport above-average lengthiness, as no one wants an outfit that when hardly moving at all skin and body parts that need not be shown are indeed obviously shown. 

The overall most noticeable and irritating of all issues regarding rompers is how they make the wearer look. Because of the typical fit of rompers—especially on women who are not quite so straight-fit—it is extremely difficult to find the right size, as a smaller size may seem too tight and/or short while a larger size is overly bulky and loose, ultimately creating an unavoidable boxy look almost no matter the style. These rompers often either fall much too short or at an extremely odd length, therefore causing problem. Also, while pockets are typically great additions, rompers featuring pockets typically only turn out worse for the wear as when any object is placed (whether hands, a phone, etc.) inside it pulls down the rest of the outfit and creates a very obvious and strange look—this ultimately takes away the purpose for the pockets. 

With this in mind, it first begins with manufacturers and essentially creating rompers specifically designed for women with these exact features, as no women wants to feel left out of such a current and popular trend—or that they simply can’t “rock” it like others. One addition that could solve fit for curvy women is the addition of either a zipper or extra-stretchy material (especially along the waist) so the romper may go on and ultimately fit much nicer and easier. For the taller women facing issues, the simple solution is the addition of more material and/or a somewhat tighter-fit style so as to provide a little more control of what “falls out.”  

Or, if you feel this trend is simply way too overrated and over-your-head, pass it by and go on with your favorite clothing items and own the summer. Whatever you decide, wear it and wear it with pride; maybe you are a tall, curvy woman and rompers are your favorite fashion accessory, then by all means romp in your romper this summer! 

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