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How to get that special dad beauty products for Father’s Day 

Although this year’s Father’s day has passed, it’s never too late to give some great tips on how to buy gifts for the next. When it comes to buying gifts for Father’s Day there’s always the option to go with the typical toolbox or drill set, however it’s always great to try something new, especially for those dads who may not even be able to change a light bulb. 

When looking for the right beauty product, take a look at your dad’s style or interests. For example, if he has a beard, or is trying to grow one, going with a nice beard oil, or shampoo and conditioner set would be a great route to take. You can look online for companies like Badass Beard Care, go in store or online for companies like Lush cosmetics that have premade kits for beard care, or even go the extra mile to make it with a combination of oils that enable hair growth. That special guy will be able to pamper himself and get a great-looking beard in the process! 

Another route to go for a beauty product-filled father’s day is shaving and moisturizing kits. For those bald dads out there, it would be nice to give a great shaving kit. With this it’s simple, but be sure to get a kit that has moisturizing elements to the shaving cream and aftershave, as this will prevent drying of the scalp, neck, or wherever else shaved. If the dad in your life doesn’t use razors, a nice set of clippers is also a simple and nice way to say you appreciate them—or to say you want him to shave.  

Nail kits are another great beauty gift you can give. Nail care is important, especially if your dad, husband, brother, uncle, or whoever uses their hands in harsh environments. To start off on the simpler side of a nail kit, have some nails scissors, nail clippers (with the nail cleaner), and a sturdy metal nail file. If you want to go a more advanced route get a kit that has these items as well as a highly moisturizing lotion, cuticle oil, and nail buffer. This nail kit, depending on the growth of his nails, is good for preventing skin cracking, nail chipping, and large amounts of dirt underneath the nails. Make sure to also find the right lotion for his skin to finish a great kit! 

There are tons of other beauty products you could choose for that special dad, such as cologne, body wash, or even skincare items like facemasks and bath bombs if you want to treat him to an at-home spa day. Health and beauty is for everyone and making sure to get the right products for the dad in your life could do some good. So when it comes around to the next father’s day, maybe give a beauty product a try! 

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