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Cataracts awareness month: treatments and prevention

When it comes to health awareness there are many months that are recognized. January is known for cervical health and cervical cancer prevention, May for stroke awareness, and October for breast cancer awareness. However, as we roll into the early days of June there should be some recognition to this month’s awareness: cataracts awareness. According to Mayoclinic.org, cataracts is the clouding or foggy of the lens of the eye, making it more difficult to see. On average there are around 200,000 cases of this disease per year in the United States alone with the majority effected in the age range of 41 years and older. Though the majority age is 41+, there is never an age too old or young to take care of your eyesight.  

As far as treatments go, in following the diagnostic stage from an optometrist, the option for surgical correction is available for those who may want that route. With this, though, there are many ways to take care of your eyes in prevention and a few treatments for those who currently are affected by cataracts.  

According to AllAboutVision.com, there are eight eye health tips that have the potential to be life changing: 

  1. Know your genetic risk and history of eye health. 
  1. Check for high blood pressure regularly—this is important so as to prevent eye strokes. 
  1. Change in vision should not be ignored. When you notice a change in vision get it checked out by a vision specialist. 
  1. Exercise—it seems to be one of the first things doctors say to help disease in the body, because it works. Take a jog in the park, walk with buddy, or try some yoga. If you want to increase the intensity of the exercise that’s fine, too, as long as there is no harmful strain on the body.  
  1. Avoid exposure of UV lights on the eyes.  
  1. Eat a nutritious, healthy, and balanced diet—another famous one that works. Dark leafy greens, almonds, berries, and citrus are just a few superfoods that are great on the eyes’ health. 
  1. Get eye checkups, especially when there is a notable change in vision. 
  1. No smoking. 

Though not discussed on AllAboutVision.com, I find this important to mention to all my makeup lovers: remove all makeup from your face at the end of the day, especially before sleep. The face has some sensitive areas and entrances to the body. When makeup enters your eyes it can cause future harm and even increases the aging process in the face. It is suggested to use a heavy-duty makeup remover followed by an easy-in-the-face face washing routine that involves exfoliation as it will do your face and eyes wonders. 

If you find you have any concerns about your eyes be sure to contact an optometrist immediately; you can never be too safe when it comes to the health of your eyesight. It is important for those who do and don’t have a family history of cataracts to participate in these healthy lifestyle activities in order to insure a greater chance of avoiding the development of cataracts. 

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