Flat tires

Campus Christians run out of bikes | Val Vita reporter | If you have been looking for a way to make that old bike in your garage, the one you never ride, useful again, now is the chance. Don Smith, Campus Christians minister, currently has 52 people on his bike wait list. The list, which keeps getting longer every day, is something new for Smith. He says in his 32 years of renting out the bikes via Campus Christians, this is the first time the organization has ever run out of bikes before classes start. For students, especially internationals who rarely have cars to move around, the lack of bikes is more than an inconvenience….

‘It hit and left’


30 seconds were enough to ruin 100 homes in Baxter Springs | Val Vita reporter | Do you live here?” “Not anymore,” said Stan Wyczynski, looking at his destroyed house after the tornado hit Baxter Springs on Sunday, April 27. When the sirens sounded at 5:45 p.m., he and his sister didn’t even have time to get in the basement. “I just put my sister in the closet and got in there, too,” said Wyczynski. “All the windows blew away, as well as the entire roof. We felt the wind coming down inside the house. It only lasted 10 seconds. It hit and left.” When the EF-2 tornado that raged for 30 seconds lifted, a…

Festival of Color

Students simultainiously throw colored powder during Holi on Saturday, April 19.

| Students celebrate end of winter with Indian festival | Val Vita guest writer | If you have noticed some people walking around campus with different colors in their hair and on their skin, you can tell where they were on the afternoon of Saturday, April 19. After endless days of cold, around 250 people gathered in the Gorilla Village to celebrate the beginning of spring (a few weeks later) in a festival with lots of color. Participants of Holi, the annual festival of colors, spent three hours throwing colored powders at each other and dancing to both American and Indian music. It all started at noon, when DJ’s Darryl Chism and Jason Escobar played…

Brown wows NFL

Star wide receiver performs well at Combine | Val Vita reporter | Four years ago, John Brown felt he had lost everything. Now, he’s got a serious shot at pro-football fame. On the night when Brown’s older brother, James, was shot three times outside a Miami nightclub, in July 2010, Brown’s cell phone was dead. “And I left it dead,” said Brown, 23, who played as a wide receiver for the Pittsburg State Gorillas until 2013. “When I turned it on, there were a lot of voice mails and text messages. I called my mom and cried, but I didn’t believe. I just believed when I saw him.” Brown went back to Homestead, Fla., right…

Debate of Valentine’s Day

Val-entine’s Day Val Vita Many know the scene from the movie “I Hate Valentine’s Day,” where, with a bat in her hands and lots of anger in her heart, Jennifer Garner violently destroys a piñata. Before I came to the United States, I used to think Valentine’s Day was a beautiful holiday enjoyed by all Americans, and that parties with the “I Hate Valentine’s Day” theme were only a movie thing. Here I am, for the second year, spending the most beautiful holiday of the year – at least in this humble foreigner’s opinion – surrounded by people who just cannot stand it. Every time I say out loud that Valentine’s Day is coming, someone…

Tragedies hit home

Girls cry in front of a makeshift memorial outside the Kiss nightclub where a fire killed over 230 people in Santa Maria, Brazil, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013. The repercussions of a tragic nightclub fire in southern Brazil widened Tuesday as mayors around the country cracked down on such venues in their own cities and investigators searched two other nightspots owned by a partner in the club that caught ablaze. Most of the dead were college students 18 to 21 years old, but they also included some minors. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

104 missed calls – mom Val Vita | Guest Writer RIO GRANDE DO SUL, Brazil – Brazil cried at the loss of 233 lives on the morning of Jan. 27. A fire in a crowded night club called Kiss, in the southern city of Santa Maria, was the biggest tragedy in the history of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and the second-worst fire tragedy in Brazilian history. There was only one way out of the club – and 90 percent of the bodies, police say, were found in the restrooms. Because of the lack of exit signals, and the thick smoke caused by the fire, people thought the restrooms were the way out….

People of Pittsburg: K.O. Noonoo

K. O. Noonoo, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, on Tuesday, Dec.4th 2012.

‘Doing what I’m supposed to do’ Val Vita | Managing Editor In 1997, K. O. Noonoo was studying for an accounting exam. He was already tired because of the amount of work he brought home every day from the office. His wife, Anna, uk viagra online asked him a question that night that changed his life forever. “She asked me if in 10 years I could see myself happy doing this,” Noonoo said. “That forced me to look down. And that was the beginning of the turn.” After that, he decided to become a pastor, and today he is a reverend at the first Presbyterian Church, 520 N. Pine St., in Pittsburg. However, he says…

Free as a bird

Meagan Duffee, falconer and graduate student in Taxidermy and Wildlife photography, takes Autumn, her Red-tailed hawk to hunt on Shawnee Trails Conservation Area located in Missouri on Sunday, Sep. 23.

Val Vita | Managing Editor Some people are lucky to find their passion early in life. Meagan Duffee was 10 when she discovered she had a passion for birds. Duffee was at a birthday party in Dallas, Texas, her hometown, when she saw a man buy viagra online give a falconry demonstration. “And I thought, ‘Hey, that’s really cool,’” Duffee said. A lot of kids were impressed that day, but only one of them probably took the subject seriously. Today, Duffee is 26 and she studies, works and hunts with birds. Duffee says she spent most of her life in Texas, though the reason she came to Pittsburg was the university, because it has a…

Underneath the veil

Azhar Sigh, graduate student in English, is showing the different clothes to Helena Viana, exchange student in Biology, on Friday, Nov. 16.

Val Vita | Managing Editor They walk quietly around campus and wear veils that may leave only their eyes visible. Most students know little about their culture, making it even harder to learn who they are. Who are they? They are the 70 or generic viagra price so Saudi Arabian women studying at Pittsburg State. “Yes, they (PSU community) still look at us, but not in a sarcastic way,” said Mashael Abu-shail, freshman in medical technology. “They look at us with eyes full of questions.” Abu-shail says she usually gives students the green light to question her. And that was the goal of the Saudi Ladies Night, on Nov. 16, at Parrot Bey: answer as…

People of Pittsburg: Hillary Houston

Houston helps adults with developmental disabilities.

‘Extremely’ good heart Val Vita | Managing Editor Hillary Houston works more than 60 hours a week — helping other people. Houston, who was born in Greenville, Mo., came to Pittsburg in 1997 to study psychology at Pitt State. viagra for sale “I chose psychology so I could save the world. You know how it is,” Houston said. “I like people, but I really didn’t want do go to nursing or another medical thing.” After graduation, she says she realized how hard it was to find a job in the area, so she decided to get her master’s. “Psychology gave me the knowledge of people while the MBA gave me the idea of how to…