Disconnected is the price of being connected

| Val Vita reporter | A few days ago I saw a father and his two baby boys sharing an interesting scene. The kids were playing happily all around him, making noises, and trying to get his attention. The father, though, had his total attention focused on his iPhone. My curiosity got the best of me, so I got closer to see what the hell was so important in that phone. It was Candy Crush.    Often (more frequently than I would like) I see couples sitting in restaurants waiting for their food. Instead of talking to each other, each is checking Instagram. It’s not rare to see entire families checking their Facebook news feeds….

Technology’s growing influence in the classroom

| Tyler Koester reporter | In the classroom some students don’t seem to notice the growing influence of technology, but teachers are beginning to rely on the Internet more and more, particularly Canvas, to post assignments. Trent Kling, associate professor of communication, says he likes to post his assignments online and the only scruple he has with it is when his students are turning in essays. “I feel like the hard copy was a lot easier to write notes on,” Kling said. “You can write notes on Canvas, but it just seems a little more difficult and a little more personal as well.” One of Kling’s courses, Sports Media and Society, relies on Canvas more…

Problems with Canvas

PSU's Canvas log in page.

Carl J. Bachus | Collegio Reporter Pitt State students wishing to start the new academic year with Canvas, PSU’s new online learning management system, hit a small snag the first day of classes. Instructure, the Utah-based software company responsible for Canvas, stated that about a third of Canvas customers experienced timeouts, poor response times and slow page loads. “Monday was our first major ‘bad day’ for Canvas,” said Instructure CEO Josh Coates in a recent blog post. “And it couldn’t have happened on a worse day since many of you were starting fall classes. One of our databases in our cluster started to register an abnormal load, which jacked things up.” Brenda Frieden, director of…