Living life in the fast lane

Jessica Sewing | design chief Wait for it. Wait for it. The lights change; she lets go of the throttle stop and takes off. Four G’s of force slam into her body as she races a quarter of a mile, going 270 miles per hour in just over five seconds. “You have to be the quickest to respond, not necessarily the fastest,” said Megan Meyer, sophomore in graphic design. “Most people don’t get to experience that much force. It’s really indescribable.” Meyer, 20, grew up on the racetrack. For the past decade, she’s raced different dragster cars alongside her younger sister, Rachel. Megan says that with the coaching of their father, Randy, it has been…

Dollars and sense?

Ain’t nobody got money for that Jessica Sewing | design chief $1.75 more an hour can surely buy a ton of Ramen noodles. When I heard that President Obama, during his State of the Union address, proposed an increase in the federal minimum wage from its current $7.25 to $9 an hour I was bey ond ecstatic. I am juggling three jobs and can still barely afford my bills. Increasing minimum wage by nearly $2 would allow me to not have to work so many hours. To the average Joe that may not sound like that big of an increase, but if you do that math it really is. Increasing it to $9 means, for…

Race around campus

Shoveling baby food in her mouth while trying to guess he flavor Marina Londo, shows her commitment to win during the Amazing Race on Tuesday, March 12

Eight teams compete in PSU’s Amazing Race Audrey Dighans | reporter On your mark, get set … wait, what? As the air horn blew, eight teams set off on a race in the wrong direction. After reading the first clue, the teams jetted off for the Kelce Planetarium eager for their first challenge, only to bypass the actual station located in the Oval. “I didn’t read the whole clue,” said Nathan Laskowski, sophomore in chemistry. “I led the way, and we quickly realized we were in the wrong spot.” His partner Megan Pavlu, sophomore in graphic design, also commented on the mistake: “It was tricky,” Pavlu said. “We had to rethink what the clue meant…

Senior’s life as a taxi driver

Jessica Sewing | design chief After a long stint without work, Cory Strong a few months ago found himself driving a cab. Strong says he hasn’t found much that he doesn’t like about the job. “It’s interesting because I meet a lot of different people,” said Strong, senior in justice studies. Strong landed the job at Pitt Taxi because he knew the owners. He says that one day he asked if they were looking for another driver. “After I found out they wanted to hire me, I went out and got my taxi driver’s license and began working,” Strong said. On his first night, which happened to be New Year’s Eve, Strong says he packed…

Taking the plunge


Taking the plunge Jessica Sewing | design chief Hundreds of people will plunge into frigid water this Saturday for the 6th Annual Polar Bear Plunge. Last year’s plunge included Frontenac Fire and Rescue, the PSU nursing department and an array of other groups; all together 155 dove feet first into the water to raise money for the Special Olympics. “I’ve volunteered for other Special Olympic charities before; this one beats them all,” said Elle Walker, sophomore in communication. “I think it shows Pitt State students in a good light when they come out and support events like these.” The atmosphere of the event is also what draws a number of people, not to mention the…

Can you dig it?


Donors and administrators break ground on Center of the Arts Jay Benedict | editor in chief If all goes according to plan, the incoming class of 2014 will be the first students in nearly 40 years to use a large performance hall at Pittsburg State. Construction began weeks ago on Pitt State’s Center for the Arts, but ground was officially broken Friday, Feb. 1. Weather permitting and complication-free, the complex should be completed by Aug. 1, 2014. Lance Garrett, project manager with Crossland Construction, which is the general contractor for the center, says everything is on schedule and it hopes to have the structure fully enclosed by Thanksgiving 2013. Garrett has experience with large projects….

Gaut this

Senior aims to win $50,000 Jessica Sewing | design chief Once the 30-second board goes out, 20 heads drop straight down: engines revving, handlebars vibrating, nerves building up. The gate falls and they’re off. “Once the gate drops, all of the stress and problems I had during the week are gone,” said Alec Gaut, senior in communication graphics. “Definitely one of the best stress relievers I’ve ever had.” Gaut started racing nearly 10 years ago when he was around 13. He says he’s been hooked ever since. “It’s something that I’ve loved since the beginning,” Gaut said. “I’ve built a family with the people I race with.” Gaut built this family by constantly traveling to…


<h2> I love the environment of PSU</h2> <h3> Jessica Sewing | Design Chief</h3> Tonya Tomory has spent the better part of the last decade at PSU. “I love, and have always loved, the environment of PSU,” said Tomory, instructor of communication. Tomory has been an undergraduate student, a graduate teaching assistant and an instructor at Pitt State since she began in the fall of 2005. “I love this place,” Tomory said. Tomory says that because she was a student not long ago herself, she has found it easy to present information to her students in a way that they will understand and then use in their own lives. “It has tremendously helped me in being…

Tragedies hit home

Girls cry in front of a makeshift memorial outside the Kiss nightclub where a fire killed over 230 people in Santa Maria, Brazil, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013. The repercussions of a tragic nightclub fire in southern Brazil widened Tuesday as mayors around the country cracked down on such venues in their own cities and investigators searched two other nightspots owned by a partner in the club that caught ablaze. Most of the dead were college students 18 to 21 years old, but they also included some minors. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

104 missed calls – mom Val Vita | Guest Writer RIO GRANDE DO SUL, Brazil – Brazil cried at the loss of 233 lives on the morning of Jan. 27. A fire in a crowded night club called Kiss, in the southern city of Santa Maria, was the biggest tragedy in the history of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and the second-worst fire tragedy in Brazilian history. There was only one way out of the club – and 90 percent of the bodies, police say, were found in the restrooms. Because of the lack of exit signals, and the thick smoke caused by the fire, people thought the restrooms were the way out….

Coal Powered

Hand crafted toy steam shovel that was build by a 13-year-old in 1943 on display at the Smithsonian Exhibit.

Museum exhibits local history Jessica Sewing | Reporter Southeast Kansas is known for its mining history, and Phyllis Bitner and the Miners Hall Museum intend on keeping that history alive. 
Before the museum was even established, the Miners Hall Museum Foundation applied to host a Smithsonian exhibit, “The Way We Work,” at the museum in Franklin. 
 The Miners Hall Museum was one of six museums in Kansas chosen to host this traveling exhibit. 
 “The title of the exhibit was very compelling for us as our permanent exhibit tells the story of the way we worked in Southeast Kansas and how this area was shaped by the coal mining industry,” said Bitner, trustee and…