Students debate apocalyptic end

Jared Evans | Collegio Reporter Michael Bouray says he isn’t concerned about the predicted end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012 “I’ve lived through several ‘end of the world’ prophecies by now. Y2K was a fun one. What’s one more?” sai buy viagra no prescription d Bouray, freshman in history. “If it happens, that’s great. If it doesn’t happen, then that’s even better.” Dec. 21 is reportedly the end of the Mayan calendar year. One modern interpretation of this date is that it marks the start of time in which Earth and everyone who lives here will take on a new, positive way of life, as 2012 marks the beginning of a new era….

Affirmative action

Abigail Fisher, the Texan involved in the University of Texas affirmative action case, accompanied by her attormey Bert Rein, talks to reporters outside the Supreme Court in Washington. (AP)

Case unfounded; law keeps playing field level Carl J. Bachus | Collegio Writer I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to address those who would disregard my opinion on this matter because of the color of my skin. Some may question the credibility of this piece because I am African-American. I know this and I implore the reader to truly assess my beliefs on this topic, rather than ignore them based on a misconception they may have. Misconceptions Misconception is the key word here. There are many misconceptions perpetuated by our society. Among the most insulting is the idea that affirmative action is an unneeded practice. Affirmative action is a government action…

Q&A: Chris Munday of Secular Student Alliance

The following is an interview between Collegio reporter Jared Evans and Chris Munday, president of the Secular Student Alliance (SSA). The Collegio: What is the Secular Student Alliance? Chris Munday: Earn 50% Commission – Sign Estimating Calculator For Sign Shops The Secular Student Alliance is an organization that provides a safe harbor to those students who live their lives without belief in any religion, god or gods. We also are activists for human rights, with special attention to the right to be free from religion, specifically religious encroachment into our democratic government. We strive to maintain that wall of separation between church and state, as the founders of this country envisioned. TC: I noticed that…

ISA hosts mini World Cup

Pedro Lopes chips toward teammates in hopes of setting up a goal for Brazil's team.

Jared Evans | Collegio Reporter Early Saturday morning cheers erupted from the stands in a half-dozen different languages as the “Brazil Dream” team scored its first goal against South Korea’s “Gangnam Style” at the annual International Student Association soccer tournament. “It was great to see the amount of people here in the middle of the United States that enjoy soccer,” said David Campuzano, undecided freshman. “Especially since most of us here are not originally from this country.” Campuzano, who played for the Paraguay team, said that he enjoyed the event because it brought people of many nationalities and cultures together. “It’s like our own little version of the World Cup, but it’s not as serious…