Flat tires

Campus Christians run out of bikes | Val Vita reporter | If you have been looking for a way to make that old bike in your garage, the one you never ride, useful again, now is the chance. Don Smith, Campus Christians minister, currently has 52 people on his bike wait list. The list, which keeps getting longer every day, is something new for Smith. He says in his 32 years of renting out the bikes via Campus Christians, this is the first time the organization has ever run out of bikes before classes start. For students, especially internationals who rarely have cars to move around, the lack of bikes is more than an inconvenience….

Biking nowhere for a cause

J.Fred Fox Members of Campus Christians spent all day riding bikes in the Oval on Wednesday, April 17, except they didn’t go anywhere. The riders, who each had a bike with a pedestal attached, lifting the driving back tire off the ground and holding the bike in place, were pedaling for a cause. That cause is the third annual Tour de Hope, sponsored by Campus Christians. The riders were in the Oval to hold a fundraiser for Jordanian and Syrian refugees. The contest prizes consist of a $200 prize for teams that pay a $50 entry fee, or a $50 prize for individual entrants who pay a $5 entry fee. Teams will bike for 55…

First come, first served

Chen Yi Hsin, a senior in English Literature, picks out her bike on September 5. Yi Hsin had been on a waiting list to receive a bike since she arrived to Pitt State about four weeks ago.

Bike rental demand outpaces supply Jessica Sewing | Collegio Reporter For nearly 30 years Campus Christians has rented bikes out to students, but this year the demand for bicycles was at an all-time high. The program started out in the late 70s with less than 10 bikes. Currently Smith says there are probably 250 bikes rented out to students this year. Pastor Don Smith says that most international students rent a bike from the Campus Christians at some point in their time as students here. “I don’t know if we just didn’t have as many bikes and we usually did or the need for bikes is just that high this year,” Smith said. If a…