• Larry Overman, senior in ***, stands outside the oval urging people to vote for Gorilla Alliance on Wednesday, April 9.

    Off the ballot?

    SGA election tumult drawing to a close; stuents still have say | Marcus Clem editor in chief | SGA’s last meeting of the semester in Russ Hall on Wednesday, April 9, was characterized by emotion, animosity and perhaps even forgiveness. There was still plenty of anger to go around, as three members – Joshua Packard, Sen. Mike Berry and Rodney Kimlin – resigned in protest. Alyssa Marsh, Sen. Lindsay Ong and Sen. Bryce Schuetz talked at length about the culture of personal attacks and animosity that has plagued the assembly in internal discussions on social media in the last week. Each speech won applause from most of the people in the room, though, as they…

  • VJ Puccini, freshman in mathematics, speaks with his advisor Dr. Flood about sorting out his schedule for the Fall of 2014 a few days before enrollment time.

    No more 5 a.m.

    New enrollment system based on earned credit | Audrey Dighans copy editor | Every semester it’s the same. Plan schedule, check. Meet with adviser, check. Wake up at 5 a.m., check and fingers crossed, spots are still available for next semester’s classes. While much of the enrollment process will remain the same, graduate, senior and junior students can say goodbye to setting the alarm. Enrollment for summer and fall 2014 will begin at noon Sunday, April 6. “We have always been needing a better system,” said Heather Eckstein, director of student success programs. “This new system is something that needed to be done.” Last November the GUS system was unable to handle the heavy traffic…

  • Left, Jake Letner, junior in history, talks with Taylor Gravett, junior in political science, about his campaign for presidency election for SGA.

    Race begins

    Gorilla Alliance adopts campus populism | Marcus Clem editor in chief | The signs are up, the money and time is invested, and Jordan Schaper and Jaci Gilchrist are ready to see if they can win the confidence of Pittsburg State’s student body. Schaper, junior in politicial science, and Gilchrist, sophomore in political science, are already an established presence in student government. They freely admit their addiction to the day-to-day details of running a public office. “I would say I am a politics junkie,” Gilchrist said. “But that’s not the reason I’m getting into this … although I do watch a lot of C-SPAN. “I just find what most people find to be boring and…

  • Gage Becker, freshman in mathematics, finds cheaper ways to spend his spring break by lounging around at the park.

    Spring Fever

    Traveling cost-savings methods | Erika Hall reporter | Students are gearing up for spring break with some planning to hit the road, some planning to hit the beach and some planning to stay home. One thing the vacation does make many students wary of is money, or lack thereof. Jacqueline Kelley, senior in communication, says she has been saving since this summer for her trip. “I’m going to Panama City Beach with my friends for seven days,” she said. “I saved like a couple thousand bucks but I obviously don’t need all of that. I’ll probably spend like $300.” Zane Clayton and Patrick Lynn are also going to Panama City Beach and predict the amount…

  • Gus takes some time to pass out apples during the Commemoration of Apple Day last year.

    Let them eat apples

    University celebrates annual Apple Day It’s Apple Day at Pittsburg State, or Apple Week for students who participate in the various fruit-themed activities across campus, from eating apple pie to honoring 20-year-old apple trees. One of Pitt State’s oldest traditions ripened well this year. Where is that apple?! Because of the snow day on Monday, March 3, the annual Apple Day Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by Student Activities Council (SAC) and Campus Activities Center (CAC), was delayed to Tuesday, March 4, ending on Thursday, March 6. Each day of the scavenger hunt, five plastic apples were placed in various locations throughout campus. Clues to an apple’s whereabouts were posted on the SAC Facebook page. Students who…


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Bittersweet weekend

Tyler Smith | reporter Track team shines in Lincoln, drops the ball in Joplin The Pitt State track and field team sent some of its athletes to compete at the Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational in Lincoln, Neb., for a Division I meet on Saturday while the rest of the team found itself in Joplin, Mo., for the Lion Invitational held at the Leggett and Platt Athletic Center. In Lincoln, senior Emily Ballock placed a provisional qualifying mark of 2 minutes, 14.11 seconds in the women’s 800 meters while senior Adam Volkert ran for a sixth place spot in the men’s 5,000-meter race with a time of 14 minutes and 51.62 seconds. For the men’s 800-meter…

Junior, Jesse Watt a Excercise Science major, works out after class in Mac Fitness.

Students hit the gym

Michael Bauer | sports reporter The fitness business that is in some ways Pittsburg State’s unofficial athletic training center is attracting more student athletes. Originally located on Ninth Street, the Mac Fitness Center moved to 11th and Walnut Street last year. That is where the complex and 24-hour gym now stands. Mica Dalton, manager, says the center relocated to expand, benefiting athletes and other members. “The main goal of our Mac Fitness Center is to work with athletes and teach them how to use their basic fundamentals and agilities,” Dalton said. “So, we were able to get this indoor facility.” Of the 193 members, roughly 130 of them are students. That is just individuals; students…

Football signs 30 freshmen, seven transfers

The Pittsburg State football team didn’t live up to its No. 1 preseason ranking this past year, but the 2013 recruiting class is proof that the coaches intend to march back to the top in the near future. Wednesday, Feb. 6, also known across sports nation as the national signing day for college football, saw PSU grab 30 high school players along with seven transfers, with some of the top recruits coming right out of a few conference rivals’ backyards. The coaching stayed close to home for the most signees, as most Division II colleges do, but also managed to reel in a few long distance recruits, including two recruits from Albuquerque, N.M. It’s well…

Campus Life


| Erika Hall reporter | On Monday, April 7, Felipe Menanteau, a research scientist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and professor of astronomy from the Harlow Shapley speakership of the American Astronomical Society, lead a lecture about the universe and astronomy.

It’s B I G

Annual ‘Big Event’ this weekend

1,000 Reasons

Love you! Photo booth captures love of body, self | Audrey Dighans copy editor | Throughout the year anyone who visits Pitt State quickly learns the Oval is always busy, be it campus commuters, bake sales, 72-hour teeter-totterers or more recently, photo-booth goers. Kendra Beye, senior in social work, set up the “Love Your Body” photo booth in the Oval on Wednesday, April 9, as part of her senior project. “The photo booth was aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of eating disorders and the way the media portrays men and women in television, ads and movies leading to body dissatisfaction,” Beye said. As April is Love Your Body Month, Beye says the photo…

Recent article that bashes the Art Department is incorrect

| Gretchen Burns reporter | Recently, the Atlantic, a collegiate source, released a list of colleges and universities that were the biggest waste of money in the United States. An art degree from Pittsburg State University ranked at number 10. The information from the story was based on a report from the online service PayScale, that concludes high school graduates would make significantly more money over a lifetime if they chose to go straight to work rather than pursuing certain college majors. Rhona Shand and other veteran academic researchers on the PSU campus looked closer at the study and found several problems and inaccuracies. “It makes a sexy headline and plays into some common misconceptions,…

G3 Expo: success

More than 100 people attended the first “Graphic, Gadgets and Games Exposition” or “G3 Expo” held at the Kansas Technology Center (KTC) on Saturday, March 29. “We feel that it went really well,” said Akram Taghavi-Burris, assistant professor in graphics and imaging technologies and supervisor of the G3 Expo. “The speakers were awesome, the exhibitors were informative and everyone seemed to have a great time.” Megan Meyer, junior in graphic communications and committee chair of G3, says she and many members of Gamma Epsilon Tau (GET), Pitt State’s Graphics Honors Society, were very excited to have more than 100 attendees. “To be honest it wasn’t too much of a challenge running the event,” Meyer said….

Singing in Scotland

Choir students travel abroad for biennial trip | Robin Siteneski reporter | The crimson and gold colors of Pittsburg State University traveled a long way during spring break. A group of about 40 students made its way somewhere that would make Gus proud. The University Choir carried the school’s colors and voices to Scotland. The group, formed by members of all Pitt State’s choirs, sang in six cities in historical sites. They even spread their voices where kings and queens once lived. The great hall at the 17th-century Stirling Castle was the location of one of the performances. “It was really exactly what you’d picture,” Laura Holthus, junior in graphic communications, said. “A castle like…

Senators add changes to SGA’s constitution

| Robin Siteneski reporter | The Student Government Association proposed four changes to its constitution at its meeting on Wednesday, March 12. The first proposal relates to SGA’s cabinet members’ pay next year. Under its terms, these roles will become comparable to other on-campus positions; that is, they will earn the Kansas minimum wage, currently $7.25 per hour, as a stipend. No cabinet member will be able to receive more than 20 hours’ worth of pay per week. Currently, some cabinet members work 20 hours a week, others anywhere from seven to 15. Currently, Rodney Kimlin, SGA treasurer, is making more per hour than Taylor Gravett, SGA president, although Kimlin actually works fewer hours per…