Spring in the air

Sophomore in Business Management Deja Snell, and Freshman in Biology Kezia Martin try to knock each other down at the Spring Fling Thursday, April 23rd outside of the dining hall.

| Valli Sridharan reporter | More than 100 students flocked to the Lindburg Plaza on Thursday, April 23, for Student Activities Council’s annual “Spring Fling.” Inflatables, snacks, ice cream, T-shirts, free goodies and games were spread out over the plaza, free of charge, for students’ enjoyment. “It is really amazing to see how many people came out to Spring Fling,” said Ryan Urban, freshman in communication. “Most students had a great time and I saw a lot of smiles.” Student Activities Council is also undergoing a name change. The organization used Spring Fling as a way to bring awareness to the campus that it is now the Gorillas Activities Board (GAB) and it would like…

‘Feels like game day’

Steve Scott, university president speaks to the crowd during the ribbon cutting for the Robert W. Plaster Center on Tuesday, April 21.

Ribbon cutting draws in crowd | Audrey Dighans copy editor | About 300 students, faculty, staff and residents joined the Pitt State Pep Squad, university President Steve Scott, the Gus mascot and more for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Robert W. Plaster Center. The ceremony was held Tuesday, April 22, on the steps of 154,000 square foot athletic and event center. “What a day to be a Gorilla,” said Kendall Gammon, director of development intercollegiate athletics. “Today is a day we have been anticipating for three years. We’ve overcome many hurdles to get here, but the most amazing part of this building is the vision for it created by the donors, university, city of Pittsburg,…

Night of firsts

Former First Lady, Laura Bush, gives a speech over women in government in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts on Tuesday, April 22.

“Walk on the beach every chance you get” | Kelsea Renz editor-in-chief | Former first lady Laura Bush made a brief but momentous visit to Pittsburg State as part of the inaugural season for the Bicknell Center through the Women in Government Lecture Series on Wednesday, April 22, talking about such issues as education and reading. Mrs. Bush noted that former President George H. W. Bush celebrated his 90th birthday last June by jumping out of another airplane and former first lady Barbara Bush will celebrate her 90th birthday this June with a two-day party that will benefit the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. She also noted that, even at 89, the elder Mrs….

Banana Party to lead SGA

Kyle Hostetler, junior in graphic communications, and Rachel Herring, sophmore in Spanish and political science, pose for a photo with President Steve Scott after being annouced as the SGA President and Vice President for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Hostetler, Herring new president and vp | Audrey Dighans copy editor | Students, faculty and staff gathered at the foot of the marble staircase in Russ Hall at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 10, for the announcement of the new student body president, vice president and Senate members. Steve Scott, university president, began the announcement with congratulations to the Student Government Association for “a tremendous year.” “It has been a great year of moving things forward,” Scott said. “I want to congratulate all of SGA for a wonderful year, a great campaign season. You all did a great job, ran a high-level campaign and stuck to the issues.” And the winners are… Scott began by…

Making a big difference

Raking leaves isn't always boring; Bri Seiler, freshman in elementary education, helps rescatter leaves by throwing a pile into the air during the Big Event on Saturday, April11.

| Gretchen Burns reporter | Over 900 students fanned out through Pittsburg on Saturday, April 11, for the annual Big Event. This year’s Big Event, an annual community service projected sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA), featured more than 100 job sites – from back yards to storefronts to highway cleanups. SGA’s official statement on Big Event is that after years of loyal support from the community, the least Pitt State students can do is to give back. Student volunteers complete simple tasks such as washing windows, raking leaves, weeding/planting flowerbeds and picking up litter. At the end of Big Event registration last month, 848 students had registered for this year’s Big Event. That…

Not just another Holi-day

Students attend the Holi Festival of Colors, hosted by the PSU Indian Student Association, on Saturday, April. 4.

Festival of color a cloud of success | Valli Sridharan reporter | Pitt State’s Holi celebration this year meant different things to different people. For some it was a religious celebration while for others it was a pool party with an Indian twist. “Trust me, after playing Holi, I can say that if we celebrate this all over the world, we will be much happier as a community,” said Zhuldyz Zhunussova, junior in political science.. Holi, the Indian spring festival, was organized by the Indian Students Association on Saturday, April 4, at the campus soccer field. Over a hundred members from the university and community spent the day throwing colored water and powder at each…

PSU is thinking enrollment

Think Enrollment

| Kyleigh Becker reporter | Early eenrollment victories and woes Students have recently had to add advisement and selecting classes to their schedules to prepare for early enrollment, which began Sunday, March 29, and lasted until Wednesday, April 1, so they could hopefully avoid potential problems. Though Pittsburg State has used the system allowing students to enroll based on how many credits they have for several semesters without much trouble, some students still take precaution to ensure they get the classes they need. AJ Thurman, senior in computer information systems and Spanish, says he was able to get into all of his classes when he enrolled at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, the earliest time an…

Kansas legislature looks to freeze tuition

Signs from both the banana party and gorilla league can be seen throughout campus.

| Kelsea Renz editor-in-chief | Pittsburg State University’s tuition rates may soon be frozen where they are for the next two fiscal years, that is if a proposal drafted by the State Senate late Wednesday, April 1, is passed. With a projected budget shortfall of more than $600 million for the fiscal year beginning July 1, Gov. Sam Brownback has pushed to keep higher education funding relatively flat. The proposal to freeze tuition, which evolved from budget talks between the Senate and the House, is one such measure legislators are hoping will achieve Brownback’s goal. A budget negotiation meeting to discuss a proposed $15.5 billion spending plan for the state, ended with three senators and…

‘I’ll treat this like a warrior’

Robert McField

Football player continues fight with cancer | Michael Bauer Sports editor | Robert McField knew something wasn’t right. It was a January morning and the junior tight end from St. Louis, Mo., noticed that he didn’t have any feeling in his right arm. After going to Via Christi hospital in Pittsburg, McField went to the emergency room in Joplin, Mo., fearing that it could be horrible. It was then that the nightmare truly began: He was diagnosed with cancer. “I cried immediately after the diagnosis,” McField, who majors in recreation, said. “I don’t think I’ve cried so hard in my life. They told me in Joplin and when they walked in with five doctors and…

Mystery in religion

A student sets up an informational display on the Shroud of Turin. Speaker Russ Breault talked about the subject at the Bicknell Center on Sunday, March22.

Speaker brings mystery of Shroud of Turin to campus | Gretchen Burns reporter | A world of mystery was the center of Russ Breault’s presentation on Monday, March 23, in Grubbs Hall. “The world is full of mysteries from the pyramids to Stonehenge to crop circles,” Breault said. “There is a mystery in the Italian city of Turin. The cathedral of St. John the Baptist houses a mysterious cloth with a mysterious image.” This cloth is known as “The Shroud of Turin,” the cloth believed to have covered the body of Jesus Christ when he was laid in the tomb. The shroud bears the image of a crucified man and has undergone hundreds of thousands…