Chatters to remain closed after fire


| Audrey Dighans editor in chief | The fire at Chatters on July 22 has left damage to the building that will keep the restaurant out of business for an unspecified amount of time. Ahmad Enayati, Chatters’ owner, said the fire started with a new fryer in the kitchen. “We weren’t even using it yet. We had put oil in it and they turned it on to just test and make sure it would come on and fire up,” Enayati said. “Unfortunately, when they turned them off, they turned one off, but the other one they didn’t turn off and they left it at 255 and that one caught on fire.” Despite not turning one…

It’s done! Overman Student Center open


| Audrey Dighans editor in chief | Returning faculty, students and staff may feel they have entered an entirely new building this fall when they take their first steps into Overman Student Center. After a year of construction, detours, dust, noise and mud, Overman is open and back in business. The 68,000 square foot building is sure to awe all of Pitt State this year. From the new additions to the U-Club, to the spacious lounges, to fully-functioning and furnished meeting rooms and, of course, the 600-person-capacity ballroom. “Make yourself at home, it’s your building,” said Jeff Steinmiller, director of Overman Student Center. The building’s new furniture was delivered on Monday, July 20. Construction crews…

Students praise decision on same-sex marriage

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| Gretchen Burns reporter | Mary Owens was one of many who celebrated the decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriages across the country. The decision by the Supreme Court was both praised and criticized. Owens had to travel to Iowa, the state closest to Kansas that allowed same-sex marriage, last October to marry her spouse. “We had to find the nearest place that would marry us, which happened to be Iowa, because we lived in Kansas City, so it would only be like three hours,” said Owens, alumna of PSU. “Then we decided to get married at the zoo because we both love the zoo and it wasn’t church-related. We…

Not yet out of the woods

Sam Brownback

| Audrey Dighans editor in chief | Although the state Legislature managed to pass a budget in time to avert furloughs that Pitt State and other government agencies were forced to enact, legislators say the budget bill fails to address the causes of Kansas’ financial troubles and many fear the state is not yet out of the woods. Kansas’ plan to balance the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1, starts with raising $411 million. Sales tax will be increased from 6.15 percent to 6.5 percent and a new tax has been levied on cigarettes: 50 cents per pack. E-cigarettes are also included, with a 20-cent tax per milliliter starting in July…

Pitt C.A.R.E.S about its students

Incoming fresman in biology, Bethany Brautman, recieves a free tee shirt at Pitt CARES in Whitesitt hall Monday, June 1st.

| Kyleigh Becker reporter | More than 1,000 incoming freshman have signed up for Pitt C.A.R.E.S so far and the admissions office expects that number to reach about 1100 by the end of the program this year. Every year admissions hosts Pitt C.A.R.E.S. so that incoming freshmen can learn about what Pitt State has to offer them in the fall. “We’re trying to raise student awareness of resources on campus and organizations,” said Tony Fuentez, associate director of admission. “We feel it’s needed for students, so when they show up in August they’re not lost.” Meagan Smejdir, program coordinator for campus activities, says that the Campus Activities Center was responsible for the club fair on…

Overman on schedule

The renovations on the second floor of the student center is progressing.

| Audrey Dighans editor-in-chief | | Gretchen Burns reporter | It has been near a month since the last pencil on the last final was put down, but work on the Overman Student Center is still underway. Since students have left, the renovation progress on the exisiting 34,000 sq. ft. of Overman and the 34,000 sq. ft. addition has continued on schedule. Starting on the main floor of the center, the temporary wall by the information desk, where the bank and ticket office once were, has been removed. The new tile flooring that appeared last year in the Gorilla Crossing has finally extended all the way down to the point entrance and carpet has been…

Spring in the air

Sophomore in Business Management Deja Snell, and Freshman in Biology Kezia Martin try to knock each other down at the Spring Fling Thursday, April 23rd outside of the dining hall.

| Valli Sridharan reporter | More than 100 students flocked to the Lindburg Plaza on Thursday, April 23, for Student Activities Council’s annual “Spring Fling.” Inflatables, snacks, ice cream, T-shirts, free goodies and games were spread out over the plaza, free of charge, for students’ enjoyment. “It is really amazing to see how many people came out to Spring Fling,” said Ryan Urban, freshman in communication. “Most students had a great time and I saw a lot of smiles.” Student Activities Council is also undergoing a name change. The organization used Spring Fling as a way to bring awareness to the campus that it is now the Gorillas Activities Board (GAB) and it would like…

‘Feels like game day’

Steve Scott, university president speaks to the crowd during the ribbon cutting for the Robert W. Plaster Center on Tuesday, April 21.

Ribbon cutting draws in crowd | Audrey Dighans copy editor | About 300 students, faculty, staff and residents joined the Pitt State Pep Squad, university President Steve Scott, the Gus mascot and more for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Robert W. Plaster Center. The ceremony was held Tuesday, April 22, on the steps of 154,000 square foot athletic and event center. “What a day to be a Gorilla,” said Kendall Gammon, director of development intercollegiate athletics. “Today is a day we have been anticipating for three years. We’ve overcome many hurdles to get here, but the most amazing part of this building is the vision for it created by the donors, university, city of Pittsburg,…

Night of firsts

Former First Lady, Laura Bush, gives a speech over women in government in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts on Tuesday, April 22.

“Walk on the beach every chance you get” | Kelsea Renz editor-in-chief | Former first lady Laura Bush made a brief but momentous visit to Pittsburg State as part of the inaugural season for the Bicknell Center through the Women in Government Lecture Series on Wednesday, April 22, talking about such issues as education and reading. Mrs. Bush noted that former President George H. W. Bush celebrated his 90th birthday last June by jumping out of another airplane and former first lady Barbara Bush will celebrate her 90th birthday this June with a two-day party that will benefit the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. She also noted that, even at 89, the elder Mrs….

Banana Party to lead SGA

Kyle Hostetler, junior in graphic communications, and Rachel Herring, sophmore in Spanish and political science, pose for a photo with President Steve Scott after being annouced as the SGA President and Vice President for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Hostetler, Herring new president and vp | Audrey Dighans copy editor | Students, faculty and staff gathered at the foot of the marble staircase in Russ Hall at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 10, for the announcement of the new student body president, vice president and Senate members. Steve Scott, university president, began the announcement with congratulations to the Student Government Association for “a tremendous year.” “It has been a great year of moving things forward,” Scott said. “I want to congratulate all of SGA for a wonderful year, a great campaign season. You all did a great job, ran a high-level campaign and stuck to the issues.” And the winners are… Scott began by…