Students have variety of opportunities to join

| Gretchen Burns reporter |

Students, Pitt State has clubs that want you to join them. With more than 150 student clubs and organizations, each offers a variety of opportunities from networking to having fun in all areas of study and interest.
One such group is the Climbing Club, open to students with a love of heights and who are a bit on the adventurous side.
“We climb mainly because it is a physical and mental challenge,” said Bailey Jones, sophomore in justice studies. “ I have not found a bigger sense of accomplishment in anything I have done. Getting to the top of a hard route is amazing.”
Climbing Club meets at the Pittsburg High School gymnasium and climbs 6:15-8 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday. The club also travels to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Jasper, Ark., twice a year to climb, as well as Joplin, Mo., to go bouldering.
The next meeting will be Sept. 8.
If climbing isn’t your strong suit, other clubs stick to more academic or cultural themes, such as the Native American Student Association (NASA).
NASA brings speakers and performers to Pitt State every November during Native American History month to promote awareness and heritage.
“We’ve had several different performers like drummers and flute players,” said Nikki Stone, senior in communication and president of NASA. “Last year we brought a speaker in that’s very famous. His name was Litefoot and he played Little Bear in the movie ‘Indian in the Cupboard.’”
“His wife is coming this year to speak for us. They talk about the reservations and how the government is going and cooperating with the Indians.”
There is even a club for students who just live on campus. That’s all it takes. That and showing up to the meetings, to join Residence Hall Assembly (RHA).
RHA works to provide residents of Pitt State with social programs dedicated to helping people meet and make connections, an aspect of life that can be a little difficult during a student’s first year at college.
“We facilitate programming,” said Grace Fritz, senior in geography and president of RHA.
RHA also works as a source of communication between students and housing.
“RHA is basically a student government group for hall residents only,” Fritz said. “We act as a liaison between students and housing. We also attend regional and national conferences.”
Students who eat in the dining hall on a regular basis probably had their first run-in with RHA the first week of classes, when the group held its annual Banana Bash. Programs during this week of activities included ice cream socials, extreme bingo and dances.
RHA is also working to organize a paint fight later this month.
RHA meets at 8 p.m. every other Tuesday in the Dellinger Underground, located directly beneath Gibson Dining Hall. The next meeting will be on Sept. 9.
Pitt State also has a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club, open to everyone of every sexual orientation.
GSA sponsors activities such as Pride Week, If You Really Knew Me and pumpkin carving. Last year a Candlelight Vigil lit up the Oval after dark to commemorate people who have lost their lives due to LGBT hatred.
“GSA is meant to provide a safe place for really anyone who wants a safe place to be themselves,” said Mary Butler, senior in psychology and president of GSA.
To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is another student run organization whose goal is to present organization whose goal is to present hope and find help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.
The organization exists to encourage, inform, inspire and to invest directly into treatment and recovery. Currently, club members are working on a world suicide prevention week program and are preparing to spread the club’s message on National Suicide Prevention day on Sept. 10.
TWLOHA meets at 8 p.m. on Tuesdays in Grubbs Hall, room 103.

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