SGA pumps up oversight, campus improvement plans

| Marcus Clem reporter |

The appointed board of SGA members who have the power to review the organization’s actions will have greater ability to act if the Senate gives final approval to new rules for the board next week.
Jaci Gilchrist, SGA vice president, said during the meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 3, the Judicial Board rarely acts.
New members will be appointed at a future date to the five-seat board.
Gilchrist says it would be good to give them a more active role in SGA overall.
If adopted, the new rules will allow anyone who has a right to speak during SGA’s meetings to call the legality of any SGA action into question and ask the board to review it.
Currently, the board may take a case only at the request of the president or a Senate majority.
Gilchrist, who plans to make this one-year resolution a permanent bill later on, said that could become an accountability problem.
“I think it would be nice for [the board] to actually have power,” she said, “other than the very, very rare instance where Senate does something and then decides they want to get themselves in trouble.”
A large SGA budget for campus and community improvement (CCI) exists because the last two SGA administrations did not undertake a CCI project.
Elle Walker, SGA campus affairs director, said that progress has been made on acquiring a Pepsi Dream Machine, which would be provided to the campus to collect recyclable cans and bottles.
The machine would reward frequent recyclers by tracking rewards points toward gift cards for area businesses. Walker said she will continue to talk with Pepsi about the idea.
Campus may also see the installation of a Frisbee golf course on campus at a cost of about $5,000, Walker said. This plan is still in the early stages.
The Senate also heard from representatives of Gorilla Radio, the student club that broadcasts original audio content over CAPS 13.
Led by Seamus Hamilton, Gorilla Radio president, the club requested support from the campus improvement budget to pay for a content-subscription service and, as a second priority, a sound system that would allow for music and announcements to be played on campus.
The system could also be intermittently borrowed by other student clubs and would be a step toward Gorilla Radio’s ultimate goal of acquiring radio broadcast equipment.
In old business, the Senate finalized its weekly meeting time at 7 p.m. Wednesdays and gave final approval to the handbook and score sheet for SGA’s allocations program.
For more information on the program to reimburse student clubs for their expenses, go to and use the search string “allocations.”

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