Destroying art is more than vandalism

| Staff Editorial |

We at the Collegio believe that any freedom is worth protecting, and this includes the freedom of expression. Art, in any fashion, is a form of expression and communication. The SEK Art Fest’s football statues scattered throughout downtown Pittsburg are local artists’ contribution to the area. It is their chance to express themselves by displaying their artistic sense and creativity to the community.
The vandalism and damage of those statues on several separate occasions since they were placed is a direct violation of the artists’ right to express themselves, not to mention it’s illegal. Many statues have been irreparably damaged, including two on Aug. 31.
The Pittsburg police are working in conjunction with university police to identify and reprimand those responsible, but they have only a few dark photographs to go on. They need the university’s and community’s help.
If members of the campus community have any information regarding these acts of vandalism, the Collegio, on behalf of the university, the city and the artists whose works were destroyed, urges them to inform the police.
If you do just one good thing this semester, let it be catching those responsible for destroying the creative works and expressions of local artists. All tips to the police may remain anonymous.
If you have any information, you can contact the Pittsburg Police Department at (620) 231-1700 or submit an online tip at

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