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Several workshops geared for academic success

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One of the biggest challenges facing freshmen, and all students, is how to properly study and prepare for tests and papers. The Academic Success Workshop Series offers tips and tricks to help students tackle their academics.
Sponsored by the Student Success Center in 113 Axe Library, the workshops start in late August and cover anything the academically concerned student could need. Each session builds off the last as the semester progresses, but each is specific enough to stand on its own merits.

Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up this fall according to Student Success Counselor Ashley Wadell

Build Your Personal Strategy for a Great Semester

Wednesday, Aug. 27, and Thursday, Aug. 28
This workshop will cover a little bit of everything. It’s going to be an overview of what will be covered in the following sessions, but much less in depth.
“It’s a good way to hit the ground running and pick up a few strategies from the start. We’ll build on that in the following workshops,” said Wadell.

Use Your Textbooks as a Success Tool: Reading Effectively for Academic Success

Wednesday, Sept. 3, and Thursday, Sept. 18
Have you ever read a textbook and felt that you didn’t really absorb any of it? This session will help you get the most out of your time spent reading and make sure you show up to class prepared.

Great Grades Begin with Great Notes: Effective Note-Taking Skills

Thursday, Sept. 4, and Wednesday, Sept. 17
Students take notes in all kinds of ways because everyone learns differently. This workshop offers different kinds of notetaking strategies and helps students get the most out of the notes they take.

Don’t Put this Workshop Off Until Tomorrow: Time Management Strategies

Wednesday, Sept. 10, and Thursday, Sept. 18
Time management is one thing, but this workshop will help students look at it differently. When students manage specific tasks instead of an abstract concept like time, it’s easier to get things done and study effectively.
“If you have a break between classes, use that time to get in an hour of studying,” Wadell said. “That makes it a lot easier to get ahead or go do fun things in the evening.”

Research Rescue: Research Skills for Upcoming Papers & Projects

Wednesday, Sept. 24, and Thursday, Sept. 25
Students have papers to write starting from their first semester and the papers just get more difficult the further into their majors students get. This is an overview of how to use, cite and write about all the resources that the Axe Library offers and other external sources.

Surviving Mid-Terms: Strategies for Test Prep & Test Taking

Wednesday, Oct. 1, and Thursday, Oct. 2
Midterms can make or break a semester, and cramming isn’t the best option. Students can learn effective ways to study and how to approach tests that seem daunting.

Faculty Connection 101: Best Practices for Building Relationships with your Instructors

Wednesday, Oct. 8, and Thursday, Oct. 9
Having a relationship with instructors can make it much easier to approach them for help. This workshop instructs students how to appropriately and effectively connect with the people they’re learning from.

Academic 911: Creating an Academic Recovery Plan for Mid-Term Grades

Wednesday, Oct. 22, and Thursday, Oct. 23

Sometimes, midterms don’t go as planned. This session can help students plot a recovery plan to get the grade they want by the time finals roll around. Maybe the grade is too far gone and the class might be better off dropped. Check out this workshop first.
Learning in an Online Environment: Success Strategies for the Online Classroom

Wednesday, Oct. 29, and Thursday, Oct. 30
This workshop takes place right around the time for spring enrollment. Students considering taking online classes for the first time, have had bad experiences in the past or just want some helpful advice to tackle their next ones can check this out for helpful tips on how to approach this unique learning environment.

Countdown to Finals: Develop a Plan to Finish the Semester Strong

Wednesday, Nov. 5, Thursday, Nov. 6, Wednesday, Dec. 3, and Thursday, Dec. 4
Two sessions in November and two sessions during dead week ensure that proactive students and those who procrastinate can get the help they need to ensure that they earn the grade, they’re hoping for.

Many of these workshops build off each other, but students can pick and choose which ones to attend based on their own needs. The Student Success Center staff is always available during the semester for students who can’t make it to some workshops or just need extra help.
“The way that we approach learning in college is very different than high school,” Wadell said. “Most of the learning takes place outside of the classroom and we’re here to help students adjust to that change.”

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