Student gets help at new campus home

| Marcus Clem reporter |

It was a circus out there.
That’s at least what can be gathered if one follows the Saturday, Aug. 16, theme of getting into the residence halls for roughly 1,500 students.
The theme was just to keep the whole idea of starting a new year, or maybe a new life, on-campus fun for both residents and the students who are charged with their care as resident assistants.
“It helps some people relax a lot,” said Michelle Smith, junior in nursing, who is now living in the Crimson Commons residence hall and volunteered to help other on-campus students move in.
That’s what Ashvin “Ash” Sahni, area coordinator, also has in mind, as new on-campus residents start to form their own community.
“Our students come from different backgrounds, high schools and different-sized towns,” he said. “Our RAs this year will be able to be well-rounded and help students with a successful transition. That goes for academics, making friends, getting involved on campus and finding their niche here.”

Residents push the screen aside in order to move in larger items to avoid busy stairwells on Saturday, August 16.

Residents push the screen aside in order to move in larger items to avoid busy stairwells on Saturday, August 16.

For Jonah Hirschfeld, life in the dorms is set to be a fun experience, but the big prize is finally being able to live away from home.
“I’m a little bit nervous, yeah, but excited,” he said. “Just being away from home is something to look forward to. I came here on a visit and just loved the campus. It seemed like the right place to go.”
As he is every year, university President Steve Scott was on hand to help students move in following a conference of higher-education leaders at the University of Arkansas.
This year, he was able to talk with families moving into the freshly remodeled section of Nation Hall, a $5 million project that was completed over the summer.
That marks the penultimate on-campus housing project out of a huge slate of construction that has taken place in the last several years. The remainder of Nation and all Mitchell Hall’s upcoming facelift will represent the completion of renovations in summer 2015.
“It’s great to get our students moved in to this beautiful, freshly renovated space,” Scott said.

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