SGA talks money

| Marcus Clem guest writer |

Student clubs that want SGA to pay their costs may soon be bound to the Senate’s mission to go paperless.
Austin Bailey, SGA treasurer, said at the meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 27, that a grace period will exist for the fall semester. By spring 2015, all organizations will be required to scan in their receipts for email or for delivery on a USB device.
“This will reduce paper waste,” Bailey said. “Sometimes I’ve found receipts that are still in the office [after] all summer.”
The Senate adopted Bailey’s resolution on the idea unanimously and will vote on final passage next week.
Clubs may fill out their expense information by visiting and using the website search topic “allocations.”
The submission period will be closed in November.
Bailey says the resolution that distributes allocation funds is expected to be adopted during SGA’s dead week meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 3.
Sen. Zachary Botkin raised a complaint about the university’s decision over the summer, as reported by Jordan Schaper, SGA president, to double the fee for online courses to $36 per credit hour.
“Next meeting, hopefully I will have the rationale for this, and I will present it during open forum next week,” Botkin said. “The overall idea I’m trying to bring across here is that this was very unjust. I would like input as to how I should go about proceeding on that.”
Schaper says he is in the course of finding more information about the issue from university administrators.
The Senate did not discuss the matter beyond Botkin’s comments.
Information on the complaint may be obtained at SGA’s office in Hartman Hall, says Jaci Gilchrist, SGA vice president.
Students who want to be part of SGA but did not participate in April elections may seek to fill one of the 18 vacancies.
There are also five spaces open on SGA’s judicial committee. Its members do not vote but decide the legality of SGA’s resolutions respective to the organization’s constitution.
Applicants are asked to go to SGA’s office in Hartman Hall by 2 p.m. Friday, Aug. 29.
They will be interviewed by a committee of senators from each of the university’s academic colleges and two at-large members, led by Gilchrist.
Interviews are expected to take five weeks and will aim to bring SGA to its current membership cap of 40.
SGA nominated Schaper and Lindsay Ong, SGA legislative affairs director, to be its candidates for Homecoming King and Queen, respectively.
The two will participate in the Homecoming Fishbowl that will narrow down the number of selections.

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