My pride as a Pitt State international Alumni

| Alheli Aranda guest writer |

As a graduating student, I am delighted to have the chance to speak about my experience here in Pittsburg.
I am a music major with an emphasis in piano performance and I have a minor in international business. I have had a great four years full of growth, experiences and friends.
Pittsburg has become home to me after I decided to start a new life away from my own culture. I came for the international environment, great facilities, meaningful connections and incredible mentors.
The school focuses so much on its students that it made me feel as if this institution made sure I had all the tools to be successful right from the beginning.
Since the beginning, tasks such as writing an essay or working on math in English, my second language, were very hard. I had resources like the writing center and the tutoring labs to make sure I could keep up.
This all gave me the opportunity to work with faculty that cared about me and that inspired me to become a better artist and a better leader within my community.
I also had the honor to serve as an international advocate in 2011, 2013 and 2014 for the International Programs and Services office.
This marvelous experience gave me the chance to receive approximately 100 new international students a year, and to work with other advocates who inspired me to become a better person all around.
It is really hard to express in words all that Pitt State means to me.
After four years of devoting myself to my education and improving international students’ relationship with the community, I would just confirm the well-known cliché that college is the best time of my life.

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