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Students speculate about project

| Audrey Dighans |

Of late, Pitt State seems to have become the construction industry’s favorite playground and Gorilla Village is no exception.
Students on their way to the Kansas Technology Center or perhaps McPherson Hall will find it hard to miss the newest construction zone to the PSU campus. Located directly behind Carnie Smith Stadium, next to the entrance of Gorilla Village, cutting off the bike path and taking out a row of parking spaces is … a secret.
“What’s taking place on the east side of the stadium is a very exciting project initiated by a donor,” said Steve Scott, university president.
Scott says the university is working to create a little mystery and intrigue surrounding the project, thus the secrecy.
“We plan to reveal the project on Homecoming,” Scott said. “ It promises to make this year’s celebration even more special than usual.”
The project has been contracted to Home Center Construction, a local company. HCC had no comment on the project.
But students came up with their own guesses on the mystery project.
Dylan McCollar, junior in nursing, says it looks like some sort of art piece.
“It’s hard to tell right now,” he said.
With all the secrecy, there is little to do until the project, which is also 100 percent privately funded, is complete and unveiled Saturday, Oct. 11.
“Homecoming is always a special game for our campus and community,” said Chris Kelly, associate vice president of university marketing and communication. “This year’s game will be one you won’t want to miss.”
Until then, students will have to speculate among themselves as to what exactly is being built smack dab in tailgate zone.
“If I could choose what was being built, I’d like to see a neat building where they have food vendors,” McCollar said. “They could have a different vendor for every game.”
Chandler Drollinger, freshman in manufacturing and engineering, also had a guess.
“It might be something new to add to the football team’s tradition of walking from the Weede to the stadium before games,” he said. “Something to add a little more flair.”
Scott added that at Pittsburg State, the university has extraordinary supporters who regularly step up to help improve the campus, enhancing what the university is able to do.
“This is a great example of that,” Scott said.
Kelly did let on to one aspect of the project.
“One of the nice features of this project is the addition of personalized pavers,” he said.
The pavers will be installed within the Gorilla Walk pathway.
Kelly says he believes the pavers will be popular among fans and alumni.
“We’ll be releasing more details about the pavers in the coming weeks,” he said.

Construction works continues infront of gorilla village to build a elegant courtyard or something more?

Construction works continues infront of gorilla village to build a elegant courtyard or something more?

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