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Career Services, FACS team to create fashionable, professional wear

| Kelsea Renz editor in chief |

When putting together an outfit for an interview, people must follow many rules. These rules involve length, coverage, accessories and shoes.
Finding clothing that fits these rules and still looks good can be difficult, which is exactly why the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Department is pairing up with Career Services to provide a “Look of the Week” from the Clothes Closet.
“Sometimes when you’re thinking about dressing professionally it can be a little intimidating,” said Michelle Hucke, graduate assistant career services. “I think sometimes it’s just a little difficult to figure out what to put together and how to wear it. We felt like we’d let the professionals take charge.”

Kelsie Hendryx, sophomore in dental hygiene, models the 'look of the week' designed by Kelsey Admire, senior in fashion merchandising

Kelsie Hendryx, sophomore in dental hygiene, models the ‘look of the week’ designed by Kelsey Admire, senior in fashion merchandising

The Look of the Week will be a way for fashion students to get experience creating looks and for students to see that there are cute, professional outfits available in the Clothes Closet for free.
“We thought it would be great…to utilize the fashion students and their talents to help show students the resources we have and how they can work with them,” Hucke said. “You can do something with it. The outfits can be really nice and you can mix and match things, so that’s what our goal was.”
The students designing the Looks each week are part of the fashion buying and merchandising class and some are members of the Fashion and Merchandising Entrepreneur club.
“These are my fashion students; my fashion students are my FAME members,” said Christina Cook, instructor of family and consumer science. “They know about details, sizing, weather components. It all kind of works together.”
Career Services has provided students the opportunity to take outfits from the Clothes Closet for about four years. The idea behind the closet developed when students showed up underdressed for on-campus interviews and needed help.
“Our goal is to outfit students,” said Mindy Cloninger, director of career services. “We are taking in a lot of inventory. At this point we really need students to come in and take the stuff.”
Kelsey Admire, senior in fashion merchandising, designed this week’s Look with ease.
“When I see pieces I can easily put them together and make it collaborate well,” she said. “I enjoy it because it’s a chance for me to show my expression, show what I do.”
The Look features a gray textured pencil skirt paired with a plain coral (pink) shirt and a gold chunk necklace.
“I chose it because the skirt was still professional enough for an interview, but the shirt was still plain enough that I felt I could add that necklace so it didn’t’ look too gaudy and in your face,” Admire said. “It’s still professional and still covers the right things for an interview.”
All those involved with this project hope people will see they can get at least one good piece from the Clothes Closet that can then be mixed and matched, or choose a full outfit.
“It’s like shopping for free,” Cook said. “Who doesn’t want to shop for free?”

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