Campus clubs to meet, greet students at Activities Fair

| Casey Matlock reporter |

Sandra Floras says the Activities Fair helped her with her major.
“My favorite booth from last year was the education booth because it helped me to further my major by building connections and experiences,” said Floras, senior in education.
The Student Activities Fair will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 3, in the Oval. Megan Smejdir, campus activities coordinator, says 60-70 organizations will showcase for potential club members. Free food, drinks and several activities will be provided.
“My favorite booth from last year was Gorilla Radio because I had a couple of friends at the booth, and it was fun to meet new people, listen to music, and there was the free barbecue,” said Clara Stiles, senior in business management. “You get free stuff left and right.”
One of the main activities students can look forward to is the barbecue held by the Office of Student Diversity, which will offer free burgers and hotdogs.
“The Activities Fair is a great opportunity for our student organizations to get some exposure to all of the students on campus,” Smejdir said. “This event only happens once in the fall, which makes it a unique activity, and we want our students to not only succeed academically but be involved in causes and meet fellow students and faculty.”
For organizations to be eligible for a booth, they must be registered with the Campus Activities Center. Registration forms for the activities fair must be turned in by Friday, Aug. 29.
Priscilla Adamah, senior in justice studies, says she found student organizations at the fair that she didn’t know existed.
“My favorite booth from last year was the TOMS club because it combined both charity and fashion,” she said. “Also, there were some clubs that I didn’t think would exist, such as a gun club.”
Smejdir says organizations try to be as sparse as possible so that the campus can reach as many students as possible and provide various opportunities on and off campus.
“Last year, I went and received a lot of free swag such as candy and shirts,” Stiles said. “Students gain a lot of information about the campus and the community such as what is available to them and what events they can attend.”

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