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Art Walk proves to be sucess

| Gretchen Burns reporter |

Several booths were set up last Friday, April 25, for the Pittsburg Art Walk, an attraction that brings local artists out to sell and showcase their talents.
Photographers, caricaturists and other artists lined the streets, and work done by aspiring artists from local high schools was also displayed in various shop windows.
Although the majority of the Art Walk comprised local artists, the Art Practices II: 3-D Visual Thinking class from Pitt State had an interactive display at the Markham Travel building.
“It was fascinating,” said Ithaca Marlier, senior in art education. “Everyone had different ideas, but we came together like a family of Gorillas.”

Seventh grader Laney Bevins paints a junk car at the Pittsburg Art Walk Friday, April 25.Seventh grader Laney Bevins paints a junk car at the Pittsburg Art Walk Friday, April 25.

Seventh grader Laney Bevins paints a junk car at the Pittsburg Art Walk Friday, April 25.

A fog machine and streamers greeted Art Walk-goers as they entered Markham Travel. Holiday lights covered by ping-pong balls lined the halls as well. The theme of the class project was “Celestial Dreams.” To help make the project interactive, cutouts were placed on a table and visitors were encouraged to write their dreams on a cutout and then attach it to a nearby streamer for others to view.
“The idea is that you can come in, and by walking among the stars, you become inspired by everyone else’s dreams, and then you become inspired to go out and live your own dreams,” said Shandara Richardson, junior in art education.
Throughout the planning of this exhibit, the class had separated into committees such as installation, signage, and design and construction. Each committee was in charge of figuring out what needed to be done and communicate with the rest of the class to discuss who could do what and when.
“It’s not how we imagined it at first, but it all came together well,” said Tiffany Haase, freshman in art education. “It’s good to learn how to work together.”
Robert Raio says the biggest problem the class ran into was communication, but that was to be expected in any group project.
“I think there are problems with any group project but is a matter of how you work through those problems,” said Raio, senior in art.
For this year’s Art Walk, a mural was painted on the side of 505 at Fifth and Broadway. The mural is designed to represent the life of downtown and show the community spirit.
PSU alumna Elizabeth Cosby was painting her section of the mural during the Art Walk so passersby could see the work in progress.
Cosby’s submitted idea involves theater, art, love and the beauty of life. She was asked by the committee who chose her design to let it flow, as if leading people to the downtown area. Her section of the mural was not the only one chosen, and she is working with five other artists to create the mural. There will be a filmstrip painted along the top to capture the spirit of Pittsburg.
As a teacher of seventh- and eighth-grade art at Carl Junction, Cosby was able to have her students’ work displayed in one of the participating shops.
The SEK Art Fest also had a booth allowing viewers to learn about the coal buckets that were decorated and displayed last year and showed a replica of the footballs that will be decorated and displayed at the June 20 Art Walk. The footballs will be displayed until the Pittsburg State University homecoming game.
A total of 24 artists were chosen to decorate footballs based on designs that they submitted.
“Some of the same artists have been chosen this year that were chosen last year,” said Leslie Harris, chairperson of the SEK Art Fest. “Three jurors who have art backgrounds chose the designs.”

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