‘No animal should be left behind’

| Erica Wilson guest writer |

Pets can make the best companions, so it makes sense that sometimes college students feel the need to get a pet.
The downside to owning a pet in college is that when students graduate or go home for the summer, they are often unable to take a pet with them.
Pets establish strong bonds with their owners. No animal deserves to have that bond broken.
The excuses for abandoning an animal can range anywhere from the choice of a landlord who does not allow pets, to claims that animals require more time and money than a student can provide.
College students should think long and hard about their animals’ lives before they go through with a pet purchase or adoption. No pet should be left behind.
Moving is one of the biggest reasons for surrendering animals to the care of a shelter, especially at the end of the school year.
People don’t realize the responsibilities involved in owning a pet. Pet owners need to put the quality of their animals’ lives as a top priority. They need to consider the cost of vet expenses, living arrangements and look toward the future. They must ensure that an animal will be taken care of for its lifetime.
Students who are thinking about getting pets in college should consider the needs of the animal before making any type of commitment. Then and only then should students, who truly understand the responsibilities of having a bet, think about adopting.
No animal should be left behind. Every animal deserves a loving home forever, not just August through May.

Erica Wilson is the promotional director and business manager for the Southeast Kansas Humane Society. She may be reached at 620-232-1840 or at info@sekhs.org. The Humane Society is located at 487 E. 560th Avenue in Pittsburg.

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