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Another page turned

| Marcus Clem editor in chief |

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but that’s not really true; time flies when you’re too busy to notice it. Though I’ve certainly had some fun along the way.
This issue will be my last as editor of The Collegio. I would like to think that I’ve managed to leave the newspaper better than I found it, though at most I’ve been a channel for a Pittsburg State community.
I envy my successor, but even more, the editors who will be here in the years to come. More and more people will join Pitt State’s ranks and I know the newspaper will get to be a window to an even brighter future.
We’ve achieved a lot in this year. With a silver medal from the Kansas Collegiate Media, we showed how The Collegio is among the best student projects in the state.
Some of our content complemented this year’s Kanza, which was named the best publication of its kind in the state for the fourth year in a row. Both publications saw staffers take home dozens of individual awards.
We’ve built coverage of local, state and even national or international news events as a consistent front-page element.
We held public officials to account and placed a well-organized and easy-to-understand window for important issues into readers’ hands.
Our entertainment section informed people about fun things to do before they happened and served as the one of the best platforms in Pittsburg for students to share information about the performing arts.
Our opinion page provided well-researched and thoughtful viewpoints from the staff and our community guest writers, to whom I offer my immense gratitude.
A lot of ways to improve this newspaper lie ahead. We need to build a consistent social media presence, though I was proud to see our Facebook followers recently near 1,000 in number.
We need to plug firmly into breaking news as it happens, and avoid simply reacting to events that are concluded. We need to tell more personal stories and build in-depth features on complex, ongoing issues.
I offer my sincerest thanks to our loyal readers, who have been and will remain part of everything we do, to build Southeast Kansas’ strongest medium for the free exchange of ideas.
If you want to be part of this incredible project, reach out to my successor at 620-235-4901, or email
And don’t worry, I’ll still be around.

Marcus Clem is a junior in
communication and Spanish.

New girl in town

| Kelsea Renz managing editor |

Most of you may not know me. I’m the new girl this year: a transfer student, somewhat of an outsider.
And I’m your new editor-in-chief.
I do mean yours. I may now bear the title of editor of The Collegio and must now follow in the footsteps of those fantastic editors before me to continue the legacy of The Collegio, but I serve you, the readers.
It is for you that the staff and I work long nights and take on immense stress to bring you timely and entertaining news.
It is for you that we are present at almost every event, happy or sad, that has to do with Pittsburg State.
And it is for you that I embark on the journey of being your editor, to accurately and fairly represent you on this campus, in this town and in this state.
I came to Pitt State from Baylor University in Texas. I grew up around the area because my parents are alumni, yet I was still an alien here.
I joined The Collegio on a whim the first week of school, having never done newspaper before but wanting both a job and a way to be involved in the university.
I could never have imagined it would grow to mean so much to me so quickly.
I add to a rare class of Collegio editor in that I am not a communication major.
As such, I have much still to learn, and I must rely on my staff and you, the readers, to help me. Because without you, there would be no paper.
I don’t just mean that if you stop reading, we’d not be able to put out papers, although that is true. I mean that you are whom we write to, whom we write for.
You are the voices from the outside, the very heartbeat of this school and this town. I am honored to be your editor and give you the opportunity to express yourselves.
I look forward to another great year for The Collegio, for Pitt State and for you.

Kelsea Ranz is a junior
in international business.

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