Krimson Kultuur relocated

| Audrey Dighans copy editor |

Krimson Kultuur is a bit here and there at the moment as ENACTUS students work tirelessly to move the store from its old location to a new one, right in the heart of downtown Pittsburg.
“We were given the opportunity to move to an area with a lot more traffic,” said Myka Heffernan, junior in marketing. “It’s wonderful to have this feeling, knowing we have support from campus and the community to remain open for as long as we have and be successful enough to move to our new location.”
Krimson Kultuur works with the 10,000 Villages Organization to promote local artisans and sell handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories and other items from artists in developing countries who would otherwise be unemployed or not receive fair pay.
Samantha Bogle, senior in management and marketing, shared Heffernan’s enthusiasm.
“We wanted a better location and now we do,” she said. “It feels great to be successful enough to move.”
Both Bogle and Heffernan say the move is important for the store’s future because it will now have more visibility, which they hope will attract more customers.
“We haven’t quite had time to discuss new products just yet,” Bogle said. “But the new location is much larger and the layout feels much more like a traditional store. Our last location was more of an office setup and it didn’t have the flow we needed or wanted.”
Heffernan added that new products, if any, will reach shelves during the summer season.
“We have added a new brand of organic coffee to our stock and that’s been very popular with customers,” she said.
ENACTUS began the move on Saturday, April 26, and officially opened at the new location, at 508 N. Broadway, on Wednesday, April 30.
The store is still run and managed by ENACTUS students and volunteers.
“We highly encourage anyone and welcome everyone who would like to work in the store as a volunteer,” Heffernan said. “Volunteering at Krimson Kultuur is a great way to become involved with the fair trade movement and help people all across the world.”
There are currently no paid positions available at Krimson Kultuur, but both Heffernan and Bogle say work is being done to potentially establish a paid management position in the future.
For more information on Krimson Kultuur call 235-4599 or visit the shop during business hours.

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