Country Presentations

| Casey Matlock reporter |

Cathy Lee Arcuino, director of international programs, has helped find a way for international students to develop their public speaking skills and has also provided a “stage” to present their cultures.
Arcuino and international students gathered in the Governors and Balkans rooms to present information about their respective countries on Tuesday, April 22.
“The presentations are for two reasons: one is for students to be able to develop their presentation skills whereas sometimes in classes they might not be given the opportunity to take a public speaking class. This provides an opportunity for them to get ready for life as a college student,” Arcuino said. “Another reason for these presentations is that they are for the students to have another venue to share their culture.”
The presentations and displays were left up and open to the public until Monday, April 28. Presentations were given in groups, each with about four students. Three groups a day were selected to give their presentations by slide show.
Day one saw students learning about children’s games in Brazil, Finland and Saudi Arabia. Etiquette for entertainment and sports events was also discussed.
Day two had students journey through Malaysia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia via cuisine. Attendees were given the opportunity to taste-test various dishes such as Brazilian pastries, fried hummus and sweet and sour chicken.
A presentation of education in Ivory Coast, Finland and Korea was also given once the food had been cleared away.
One presenter mentioned college is free in Finland and instructors are much more strict about students talking in classes.
“I thought that the presentations were very entertaining; I learned a lot about other cultures although I knew some things about Brazil, but these presentations helped to teach me more,” said Luiza Turini, sophomore in finance. “I think it is nice that non-international students attend the presentations because not everyone has the opportunity to study abroad, so those students have the opportunity to learn about other countries without having to travel.”
On the second-to-last day of presentations, students learned about the wedding ceremonies and traditions of Saudi Arabia, Brazil and South Korea. Holidays and famous people were two other aspects of life discussed during the day.
The last day of presentations opened attendees’ eyes to the political systems and tourist attractions of Brazil, Korea and Malaysia.
“The presentations were nice and contained a lot of information I did not know, such as I learned more about Brazil and their various political parties, when in America there is only two,” said Yulia Senkiv, instructor in Russian said. “I also learned more about Finland and how it, the landscape, is similar to Russia. These presentations help to broaden the minds of students and help them gain more information about the world.

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