Arigato, Arcuino

| Andrea Hucke reporter |

While “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto” may be all the Japanese some Americans know, Cathy Lee Arcuino, director of international programs and services at PSU, knows much more and can expect to learn even more as she travels to Japan as a participant in the Fulbright Scholar Program this June.
The Fulbright is an internationally recognized program that provides grants for individually designed study and research projects as well as English teaching-assistant programs.
Arcuino will participate in a section of the Fulbright Program designed specifically for international education administrators.
This particular trip will consist of sessions spread over a two-week period to introduce Arcuino and other participating administrators to Japan’s system of higher education, Japanese culture and way of life.
“I’m excited to have the chance to learn more about the Japanese education system and bring that information back here to our community,” Arcuino said. “Not only will I be gathering ideas, but I’ll also have the chance to share about our systems back home in Kansas and the United States as well.”
During her trip, Arcuino will have the opportunity to make new intercultural connections, meet with government officials and tour college campuses.
Although she had traveled to many countries and lived in Japan for a year, Arcuino says she had the chance to apply for the seminar through her connections within the country.
“I heard about this program through several of my colleagues at different institutions around the country,” Arcuino said. “Many of them have applied and have been a part of it, and I thought I would, too.”
To be selected, Arcuino had to make more than a simple inquiry. There is a rigorous application process.
“As you can imagine, there was quite a bit involved when it came to applying for this seminar,” Arcuino said. “It included the main application, essays, institutional and project statements and reference letters.”
In addition, as part of the open and merit-based competition, Arcuino had to make it through two different cuts, which she did successfully.
“After going through the whole process and having to wait around four or five months for the result, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had been selected,” she said.
Because of her connections with others previously and currently involved with Fulbright, Arcuino discovered her selection in March and has had time to prepare for her trip.
“I’ve had the chance to get some information,” Arcuino said. “I’d say I kind of know what to expect and I think that makes me even more excited for the opportunities that are in store.”

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