‘Scheming group’ backing Letner/Hebrlee

| Elle Walker guest writer |

As a former senator, Big Event director and presidential candidate for the Student Government Association, it has been disheartening for me to watch this year’s SGA elections process unfold.
To me, student government was the cream of the crop when it came to campus organizations. They were a body of students who wanted to serve this campus and leave it a better place than when they arrived.
However, if this past year has taught me anything, it’s that reality is never really that pristine.
Taylor Gravett, SGA president, Kiki Eigenmann, vice president, and Tadd Lucian, legislative affairs director, have broken SGA’s rules constantly throughout their term, eventually leading to a resolution to remove them from office.
It is not hard to imagine why the party they chose to back also found itself in the public eye, and not for good reasons. The Letner/Hebrlee party has, in my eyes, been a disgrace to the honor of running for office.
The fact that they managed to get back on this year’s ballot – following an SGA election board decision to expel them from the race after Letner/Hebrlee received enough infractions to remove them three times over – makes my stomach sink.
I understand the university administration’s position in this matter, and I understand they want to ensure that every person has a fair shot, but I think by reinstating Letner/Hebrlee, they forgot to give the Gorilla Alliance its fair shot.
Student government has an election board for a reason: to monitor election proceedings. The Senate votes this election board into office before its members assume their positions.
Clearly, that means those who voted for them believed them to be capable of conducting fair and honest decisions.
When Gravett stepped in and removed four of them from office, ostensibly to give “both sides… a fair shot,” he made his agenda extremely evident.
Not only did he remove three members who voted to dismiss Letner/Hebrlee, but he also removed the only member who voted in that party’s favor. That shows that he was only looking for an excuse to remove Ong and appoint Eigenmann to the head of the board, an avid supporter of the Letner/Hebrlee party.
I fail to see how that is giving the Gorilla Alliance a fair shot. Rodney Kimlin, who recently resigned from the election board, said it best when he said, “I wholeheartedly believe that Taylor is manipulating the system for (the Letner/Hebrlee party’s) gain.”
It is my personal hope that Pitt State’s student body sees through this scheming group of individuals and votes for the Gorilla Alliance, so that SGA can once again be a symbol of moving forward, and away from being the laughing stock of campus.

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