Greek week

Three sororities, six fraternities face off in annual competition

| Audrey Dighans copy editor |

Disney may not know it yet, but its newest feature-length film will be Pitt State’s Airband competition on Thursday, April 17, at 7 p.m. in the Weede.
“Everyone is really looking forward to it; it’s sort of the finale of Greek Week,” said Abby Carson, sophomore in nursing, member of Sigma Sigma Sigma and Greek Week committee member.
During the event, six fraternities and three sororities houses at PSU will perform a sketch combined of different Disney films and songs. Participants may lip-sync along with the words but may not make any noise during the performance, including vocal or with props. For example, one person may have a guitar but he or she may not actually play it, only pretend.
“Houses will be judged on originality of the sketch, creativity, relation to the theme, appropriateness and if it is under the time constraints,” Carson said.
As Airband is the last competition of Greek Week, houses take the competition seriously.
“We’ve been practicing for about six weeks,” said Jason Jones, senior in electronic engineering and president of Pi Kappa Alpha.
Jones says the best part of Airband is finally competing after all the hard work put into preparing for the event.
“After two hour practices, three times a week, finally getting to do it in front of everyone makes all that work worth it,” he said.
Carson also looks forward to the event.
“It is so great seeing the creativity that goes into each sketch,” she said. “Each chapter does its own thing, and everyone interprets the theme differently.”
Carson and other members of the Greek Week committee have been allowed to participate in certain events for Greek Week, such as volunteering for Big Event last Saturday, April 12, but any points they would have earned may not go towards their houses, since they are in charge of running and sometimes judging competitions.
Meagan Smejdir, program coordinator for Campus Activities, says the Greek Week committee and chairs have done a great job of organizing a successful and smooth-going week of activities.
“Each year is different; each year we have different committee members; each year has its own take on Greek Week,” Smejdir said.
The overall winners of Greek Week will also be announced at the conclusion of Airband.
Points have been awarded for several events over the course of the week, from highest member participation in Big Event to best Greek Banner, from Greek Games to Chariot Race.

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