F.A.M.E. to host annual fashion show

| Kelsea Renz managing editor |

Fans of fashion in Pittsburg need look no farther than down the street to find a fashion show of professional caliber.
Pitt State’s Fashion and Merchandising Entrepreneurs (F.A.M.E.), along with Wax: Beauty and Barbour Factory, will conduct a joint hair and fashion show at Parrot Bey at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 26.
“Dani contacted us around January and asked to pair up for the show,” said Alyssa Marsh, senior in fashion merchandising and F.A.M.E. president. “It will help to bring more people and makes the show longer.”
Dani Pollard, owner of Wax, wanted to do her half of the show for publicity of her new salon and to bring as many people as possible to the event.
“I’m obviously getting rewarded by getting to be creative and getting my ideas out there,” Pollard said. “And we were already going to do the hair for F.A.M.E.’s fashion show, so I figured instead of doing two small shows, we could have one large one.”
The show, titled “Back to Life,” will feature 11 models for Pollard to showcase hairstyles and 11 models for F.A.M.E. to showcase fashion.
The models for Pollard will start the show. They will be dressed all in white and have hairstyles that are colorful and wild.
“I wanted to take that white and purity and collide it with the boldest and brightest and softest colors and hairstyles,” Pollard said.
F.A.M.E.’s models will be dressed in a postmodern 1980s look with a twist theme and have simple, clean hair and makeup.
“I got really inspired from the song ‘Back to Life,’” Marsh said. “I wanted to put together looks that went with that song but had a modern twist to them.”
Marsh was focused mainly on the business side of the show but had a hand in choosing the looks.
“Most of the looks were a group effort. We went through the F.A.M.E. closet, which has trends from the ‘60s through now, and put pieces together that worked with the theme,” she said. “And four of the looks are original designs by Darrel Holland.”
The show will cost $5 at the door, with 60 percent of the proceeds going to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. There will also be a silent auction to raise money for the charity.
“This is the first year we will be doing the auction,” Marsh said. “We wanted to be able to raise even more for the charity.”
Marsh also says this event has been very beneficial to the members of F.A.M.E..
“This is a great thing to have on a resume,” she said. “It opens a lot of doors and it’s good for fashion students to know how to put on a fashion show.”

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