Too many guys, too many fees, some senators say

| Robin Siteneski reporter |

The Student Government Association decided to reject a $2 parking fee increase at its meeting on March 5.
The parking fee vote of 11 ayes and 16 nays defeated the resolution without much debate.
The assembly also started to discuss changes to its constitution. Major proposals include a change to the way members are voted out of office, and potentially a decrease in the number of senators to 36, from 50.
SGA almost did not vote on anything because they were two members short of a quorum when the meeting began. The exact number of missing people required later showed up; Taylor Gravett, SGA president, noted that people 15 minutes late may be counted absent.
Sen. Jaci Gilchrist mentioned that SGA’s rules require only a half-absence for those people. Steve Erwin, SGA adviser, intervened before discussion ended.
“This policy is to hold people accountable, not to keep us from doing business,” he said.
Senate then went to vote on a $3 student activity fee increase. The increase barely passed with an 18-7 vote; it needed a two-thirds majority of 17 votes to be approved.
Senate decided to decrease the requested GPA for members of SGA’s Judicial Board from 2.75 to 2.5 by a 21-3 vote.
Under the proposed change to SGA’s number of seats, each Pittsburg State college would have three representatives and the school-at-large would have 10. Together with Judicial Board Members and members of the executive cabinet, that would make for the new number, 36.
Gilchrist says Pitt State’s SGA is larger than the SGA at both the University of Kansas and Kansas State University.
The changes would not impact SGA’s April election. Members who leave the organization in 2014-2015 year would not be substituted and SGA would finally have 36 members by August 2015.

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