Stand-up in U-club

SAC hosts Stand-up for diversity’s Mal Hall

| Casey Matlock reporter |

Laughing at yourself is something many college students can easily do, and the university recently played host to an artist who is building his national talent on this fact.
“It’s fun to have people coming from different places sharing their personal lives,” said Aldo Cilliers, junior in mechanical engineering.
Mal Hall performed at the U-Club on Thursday, Feb. 27. Hall is an up-and-coming comedian from Los Angeles who was a finalist on NBC’s “Standup For Diversity.” Hall also performed his first television project for Fuse TV as a correspondent on the clip show “Off Beat.”
“I know that some comedians have a prepared show where they tell a joke, then move on to another, but that’s not how I do my comedy shows,” Hall said. “I like to tell real stories from my life, then do what is called a ‘sidebar’ where I’ll then talk straight to the audience.”
Much of Hall’s stand-up worked around race issues and teasing members of the opposite sex.
“I’m half-black and half-Asian, so a large amount of people ask me stereotypical questions of my origins because they think I know all the answers,” Hall said. “I like to rebuttal with an answer that confuses them and makes them realize how stupid the question is.”
Hall says he finds inspiration for his comedy show from his female friends’ lives.
“I like telling stories about women because no matter what women do, they can make anything hilarious,” Hall said. “I was sitting in the car with a couple of my girlfriends and they were fighting over the radio station, and it took all I had not to laugh.”
Sarah Williams, graduate student in engineering, says she was glad that Hall was not afraid to push boundaries.
“He wasn’t afraid of how the audience would react and made fun of everyone in his show,” Williams said. “I thought that it was a really good show because he had a variety of stories.”
Hall finished off the evening by telling a story of the time he got high on a marijuana candy bar while his mother was sitting in the car with him.
“I was trying so hard not to look high while my mother was asking me why I was staring at a bag of granola for five minutes,” Hall said. “I ate half the candy bar when the recommended dosage was supposed to be a quarter of the candy bar at a time.”
That story turned out to be Jacob Barkley’s favorite.
“I have some friends that could relate to the story so that is why the marijuana candy bar story was my favorite,” said Barkley, junior in automotive technology.
After the show Hall took pictures and signed postcards for fans.
“I love an audience that can laugh at the smart jokes and even laugh along with the dumb jokes,” Hall said. “It’s an incredible job getting to travel to places I never thought I would have and meeting new people on a daily basis.”

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