Senators add changes to SGA’s constitution

| Robin Siteneski reporter |

The Student Government Association proposed four changes to its constitution at its meeting on Wednesday, March 12.
The first proposal relates to SGA’s cabinet members’ pay next year. Under its terms, these roles will become comparable to other on-campus positions; that is, they will earn the Kansas minimum wage, currently $7.25 per hour, as a stipend.
No cabinet member will be able to receive more than 20 hours’ worth of pay per week. Currently, some cabinet members work 20 hours a week, others anywhere from seven to 15.
Currently, Rodney Kimlin, SGA treasurer, is making more per hour than Taylor Gravett, SGA president, although Kimlin actually works fewer hours per week. Kimlin proposed the amendment.
The cabinet is composed of the president, vice president, legislative affairs director, treasurer, academic affairs director, campus affairs director, community affairs director, public relations director and Big Event director.
The second proposal affects the governors of SGA’s annual elections. Members of the elections board, who are currently prohibited from running for senator, will not be allowed to be a part of SGA the following academic year in any respect, including through mid-year appointments.
“(Currently), nothing stops them from coming back after elections are said and done,” Kimlin said. “That theoretically makes it where someone could try and rig elections and then get appointed back into SGA afterwards.”
The third proposed change affects the SGA judicial board. It would, if approved, give board members the ability to provide input in meetings without being asked and give them the final say on issuing advice to senators. Sen. Jaci Gilchrist proposed this amendment.
Gilchrist also proposed an amendment governing member resignation, which would allow any members to remove themselves from office by written request.
Faculty from Pitt State’s strategic planning department came to the meeting to invite senators to be a part of the discussion of the school’s new strategic plan.
It will set goals for new majors and improvements on courses and on campus starting in the fall of 2015. Discussions are set to start by April with student input.
The next SGA meeting will be open to every student on campus as Steve Scott, university president, takes questions on Wednesday, March 26, in the Crimson and Gold Ballroom of the Overman Student Center.
Sen. Will Ravenstein resigned from SGA because of health issues.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to clarify technical inaccuracies.

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