Learning the job… maybe

| Casey Matlock reporter |

Students searching for a career in education have an opportunity to meet with employers Thursday as the Teacher Interview Day runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Weede Auditorium.
School districts come from several states for the event.
“Fifty-six are from Kansas, 10 from Missouri and three from Oklahoma, and there will be about 117 tables with scheduled interviews,” said Mindy Cloninger, director of career services. “Last year we had 63 school districts and this year we have 69, so I am happy to see that go up.”
Students and alumni in search of teaching jobs are invited to sign up for interviews, but must do so through the Gorillas4Hire website.
Students can sign up for as many interviews as they want and the interviews are in 25-minute intervals. At the end of each interview, the school bell at the Weede will ring to notify students to move on to the next interview.
Students who have a break between interviews are provided a waiting area in the meantime. This gives them a chance to share notes and prepare for interviews later in the day.
“They are pretty nervous and overwhelmed at the start of the day because there are rows of tables, but being together, they can make each other comfortable by sharing ideas and boosting each other’s confidence,” Cloninger said.
Howard Smith, dean of education, says the date for the event was moved up a week before spring break so that a larger number of students could attend.
“Moving up the date also makes the college able to compete with competitors who also have their events before spring break,” Smith said. “The students should just be themselves, open and honest because it is a two-way street, and the employers are looking for people who fit the best in their system.”
Cloninger explains one of the advantages Pitt State’s teacher interview day has over others is that many of the employers attending are alumni.
“It is a nice relationship and we are proud of our graduates who are working in the field of education,” Cloninger said.

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