Dating on the fly

Snow changes BSA’s itinerary

| Casey Matlock reporter |

The Black Student Association Date Auction turned into the Black Student Association Speed-Dating session due to a scheduling change.
Eleven students attended the association’s (BSA) rescheduled event on Wednesday, March 12, in the Governor’s Room of Overman Student Center.
“Originally we were going to have a date auction as one of our events in honor of Black History Month,” said Kimberlee Fields, sophomore in psychology and president of BSA. “Due to weather we re-scheduled and we decided to make it speed-dating instead of an auction.”
Three men and eight women participated in the event.
“It went much better than anticipated,” said Emely Flores, sophomore in broadcasting. “I’m glad we didn’t cancel. The attendees are enjoying everything and having fun, so it is a success.”
Each participant was given a nametag and asked to sit at one of three tables, men on one side, women on the other.
Paper and pens were also provided for note taking.
With the ratio off-balance, the men ended up speed-dating two or three women at a time, but none of the participants had any complaints.
Flores kept time and each ‘speed-date’ was allowed 10 minutes, at the end of which the women stood up and rotated to a new table.
Fluffy Pratt, freshman in psychology and member of BSA, says she was glad students had the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones and meet new people.
“It [the event] wasn’t one of those stiff events where you have to say your name, major, you’re in college, yadda-yadda,” Pratt said. “Everyone was very open and asked all kinds of questions. When time was called, everyone kept shouting, ‘No! Not yet! Give me another minute!’”
No questions were considered off-limits during the speed dating; participants could ask and answer whatever they wanted to.
“The point is to date,” Fields said. “Go through all the questions you would through your first few dates, in a short amount of time.”
Fields added she though the event was very successful.

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