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‘We Love Diversity’ brings art and diversity in focus

| Gretchen Burns reporter |

A co-project between Pittsburg State’s destination for art and the Office of Student Diversity sponsored a convention for creation this week.
On Feb. 11, students gathered in the Harry Krug Gallery of Porter Hall to celebrate the “We Love Diversity” event.
The night began with performances by Alyssa Marsh, who sang opera; Theo Hines’ recitation of the poem “The Darker Side of the Rainbow;” and by Emely Flores’ performance of the song “Say Something” by A Great Big World.
Hines says he wasn’t quite sure what the event would entail, but was pleasantly surprised at how it was executed.
“I’m aware of diversity,” said Hines, junior in art, “but it’s not something that I think about on a daily basis. I was surprised about this event in a good way.”

Emely Flores, sophomore in communication broadcast, performs during the open mic night in the U-Club on Tuesday, Feb. 11th.

Emely Flores, sophomore in communication broadcast, performs during the open mic night in the U-Club on Tuesday, Feb. 11th.

Hines says he enjoyed the location of “We Love Diversity,” saying that art in itself is extremely diverse and combining it with the other forms expressed made the night nearly perfect. He added that he believes the event as a whole was a wonderful collaboration.
Archellus Ponds was the master of ceremonies for “We Love Diversity.” He says that he believes that the event was a great way to express the diversity throughout Pittsburg State.
“I think, though, that we should do a lot better at publicizing,” said Ponds, senior in mechanical engineering. “There is more diversity in this school to be brought out and we need to find it.”
Ponds added that being surrounded by art is key to diversity and that he believes that more art culture needs to be sponsored at Pitt State, and that more collaborative events between the various clubs and organizations among campus would be a great idea for each to showcase their talents.
The students migrated to the sculpture room of Porter Hall and were given a masonite board and a cup of grout. There were boxes of broken pottery and stoneware, feathers, beads, glass and a variety of other items that were to be used by the students to make a mosaic about what represented them.
Gloria Lopez was one of the students creating a mosaic; she says that she has been motivated by the experience to take an art studio class later on.
“It’s very relaxing to do,” said Lopez, junior in communication. “I have two tests this week and I should be studying, but guess what? In three years in college, I’ve only had one art class. This is making me reconsider.”
Kimberlee Fields said that the event overall was a successful showcase of diversity.
“I really like this,” said Fields, junior in psychology and president of the Black Students Association. “Pitt State is really big on diversity and it’s nice to have events that really show it.”

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