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Choir raises money for trip abroad

| Casey Matlock reporter |

PSU choral ensemble members came together in the Crimson and Gold ballroom to mix Scotland and love together during the PSU Madrigal Dinner on Sunday, Feb. 16. The ensemble performed Scottish folk music with contemporary American love songs.
Austin Stapleton, sophomore in music education, says he appreciated the members of the community coming out to support the arts and help raise funds for the choir’s trip to Scotland.

Macy Gerkin, freshman in vocal music, takes her turn as a server refilling water during the Madrical Dinner on Sunday, Feb. 16.

Macy Gerkin, freshman in vocal music, takes her turn as a server refilling water during the Madrical Dinner on Sunday, Feb. 16.

“I think that it is a good way for the community to come out and support us, especially when we are making these international trips,” he said. “These kinds of events show that they are interested in what the choral ensemble brings to the community and that they love the arts along with what we are doing for them.”
When planning the event, Susan Marchant, professor of music, says she thought about how the choir is preparing for its trip to Scotland on March 14, along with the concert being close to Valentine’s Day. The event helped raise funds for the choir’s week-long trip to Scotland, where it will perform during a church service along with performances in other places and functions.
“The goal for the concert was to collect things that would work while wanting to combine the Valentines theme with the Scottish theme,” Marchant said. “The theme was mostly Scottish because that’s what we are about at the moment, but then we sprinkled into that some contemporary American love songs of all types. We tried to cover the whole rainbow of emotions connected to love.”
Attendants were escorted to their tables by members of the choir, who wore plaid berets and all black.
Guests were served smoked salmon along with an assortment of bread and cheeses and a choice of water or Scottish heather tea to drink. While audience members were eating, choir members performed a traditional Scottish piece called “O My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose,” arranged by Scott Carrington.
Chorus members moved to different sections of the ballroom to perform another traditional piece called “The Widow and the Fairy,” arranged by Mack Wilberg. The program stated that the first three pieces of the evening will be performed between the meat and dessert course, which was shortbread with garnish. Throughout the evening, members of the choir moved to sections of the ballroom to perform.
Some of the traditional American love songs performed included “Love and Marriage” by James Van Heusen and “You are so Beautiful” by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher.
Megan Gerken, Bishop Carroll High School junior, says she enjoyed the more upbeat pieces of the evening rather than the slower tunes.
“‘Comin’ Through the Rye’ was my favorite song because it had an upbeat mood to it,” she said.
The evening concluded with two versions of “Auld Lang Syne.” The first version was performed by the choir, and then audience members were invited to sing the second version with the help of lyrics on the programs provided.

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