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Enactus’ project continues to better downtown

| Audrey Dighans copy editor |

Krimson Kultuur, the store opened by Pitt State’s chapter of Entrepreneurial Action in Us (Enactus) last semester, has experienced great success during its short opening period.
“The store has been more successful than we could have ever imagined,” said Ashley Wooldridge, senior in marketing and member of Enactus. “The support from the community has been overwhelming. We’ve done so well we’ll be able to keep it open all this semester.”
Wooldridge adds that the store has made more than $12,000 in profit since its opening last November.
“It’s all going better than originally planned,” Wooldridge said.
The store, located on 111 W. Fourth St., may be small in square footage, but its impacts reach global levels.
“The store was created to boost the downtown Pittsburg area,” Wooldridge told the Collegio in an article last year. “We partnered with 10,000 Villages to provide our main source of inventory and to help create an economic impact not just in Pitt but internationally as well, thus giving us a local and global impact aspect that has previously limited us in competitions.”
Samantha Bogle, senior in management and president of Enactus, says she, too, feels the store has been successful.
“The fact that we opened a business all on our own has been a fantastic experience,” she said. “The most rewarding aspect of the store has been opening something very unique that helps both local and international artists.”
The international artists Bogle referred to are from developing countries. Without the help of 10,000 Villages and stores such as Krimson Kultuur, these artists would be unable to practice their trade.
Founded in 1946, 10,000 Villages is one of the founding members of the World Fair Trade Organization. Its members work to improve the lives of people in developing countries by establishing markets for their handmade products in North America. Sales pay for food, education, health care and housing while providing jobs at fair wages to people who would otherwise be unemployed or underemployed.
“The baskets and pottery products we receive from 10,000 Villages are right up there with the jewelry we sell from local artists as our best-selling products,” Wooldridge said. “Hopefully, we will continue to be this successful and Krimson Kultuur will become a permanent, long-standing business for Pittsburg.”
Bogle added that members of Enactus traveled to Dallas in January in search of new products to widen the store’s variety.
“We hope to expand,” Bogle said. “That may be down the road. For now students can enjoy the new products from Dallas, and we also have new pieces by many local artists coming in.”
Bogle and Wooldridge agree the biggest challenge Enactus has faced with Krimson Kultuur is time.
“We’re college students,” Bogle said. “It’s hard to get hours scheduled or students to bring in new inventory.”
Wooldridge added Krimson Kultuur does not currently have any full-time employees and the store is managed by interns.
“We can always use volunteers to fill the open time slots the interns are unable to cover,” she said.
Krimson Kultuur is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.

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