Hot food on a cold day

| Gretchen Burns reporter |

Although there was a small turnout to the Fiesta cook-off held in the Crimson Commons Lobby the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 5, attendees agreed that the food was hot and tasty.
“There was a lot of good food,” said Mark Hoffhines, senior in history and government education. “There was a lack of participation, but that’s because it’s cold and snowy outside, and a lot of people don’t want to leave their rooms.”
Grace Fritz, the Residence Hall Assembly (RHA) programming communications coordinator, says that the small attendance of nine people was due to other events going on at the same time that sapped attendance.
Originally, the RHA had planned on giving away chili in the Oval at lunchtime, but it was too cold to do so.
“Several members of the RHA had been wanting a cook-off for a while,” said Fritz, junior in sustainability. “The timing and weather just made it a little underwhelming. The snow and cold made it really unappealing to walk to the Crimson Commons.”
Eric Hanson was deemed the winner of the cook-off and will receive a trophy and bragging rights. Hanson’s food was dessert nachos made with Fritos, peanut butter, karo syrup, and M&M’s.
“This was a really good concept,” said Hanson, graduate student in business administration. “There wasn’t quite the participation that everyone wanted, but the weather had a lot to do with it.”
Daniel Leiserowitz says the program was interesting and enjoyed the different dishes that people brought.
“I liked trying the different foods,” said Leiserowitz, senior in accounting and finance.

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