Gorillas Abroad

Students get helpful travel tips

| Casey Matlock reporter |

Megan Huls plans to study her major in Finland next semester.
“I am interested in the Scandinavian culture, and I think it would be interesting to spend the semester over there,” said the senior in international business.
Pittsburg State provided two workshops for those interested in studying abroad. The first workshop, called “Funding Your Study Abroad Experience,” was on Monday, Feb. 3, in the Inaugural Room of the student center.
It focused on how students can get financial aid to study abroad.
According to Megan Corrigan, study abroad adviser, PSU students who study abroad can get a travel stipend of about $1,000 for one semester. On short-term faculty-led programs, that ranges from $250 to $450.
“The amount of money depends on the length of the program and where you are going,” Corrigan said. “In the course of your career, you can have two faculty-leds and one semester-long stipend.”
Pittsburg State offers an advantage for study-abroad students that many schools do not offer.
“A lot of what we have that the other schools don’t is that the school doesn’t charge a fee to apply to study abroad,” said Corrigan. “For example, if you are at the University of Kansas and want to study abroad, there is a $450 administrative fee that you would have to pay.”
The second workshop, on Wednesday, Feb. 5, in the Inaugural Room featured the La Rochelle Business School in France.
The business program offers three sessions – managing, leadership and business in European markets. Students have the opportunity to stay with a host family or rent an apartment.
Austin Masters, senior in finance, experienced the business program first-hand.
“My favorite part of the program was getting to interact with all of the different people from various countries, going to class with them and seeing all of the different cultures working together,” Masters said. “I think it is important for students to look into the program because it provides a different perspective on not just how business can be done, but also experience a completely different way of life.”
Linden Dalecki, associate professor in management and marketing, offered these words of advice to hopefuls: “Always be fully aware of where you are because from my experiences in France, especially in Paris, there are pick-pockets who will take your money.”
Dalecki also recommended that students apply for a foreign bank account, avoid McDonald’s and buy a bike to get around.

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