Get athletes washing cars, senator says

| Robin Siteneski reporter |

The debate over increases in student fees continued during the weekly meeting of Student Governors Association (SGA) on Wednesday, Feb. 19.
A proposed $9 increase of the Intercollegiate Athletics Fee was the source of fuel for a heated debate. The proposed increase will be further discussed at the next meeting.
Taylor Gravett, SGA president, asked members to consider passing at least some of the athletics fee. Sen.Will Ravenstein was upset with the proposal.
“We are giving too much as it is,” he said. “If they need more, let’s put the boys and girls out to wash cars.”
The proposed increase would be used to continue funding Athletics at the same level as today relative to tuition. The $9 increase was based on a projected 6 percent tuition increase for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Another senator proposed an increase of $5 to Athletics but SGA decided to stop and save the discussion for next week.
“There needs to be a point where we say enough is enough,” Ravenstein said. “Our student athletes play a large role on what the representation of Pitt State is in the community but unfortunately, like one of our senators said, we have students that are taking thousands of dollars in loans and there are some (athletes) who are getting scholarships funded by other students.”
A $4 increase for the Student Health Center was also proposed. The money would go to hire a full-time physician for the first time in two years.
The $2.50 Overman Student Center increase discussed last week was approved by a 24-6 vote. SGA also voted in a $1.50 Student Activities and Campus Activities Center increase, 28-2.
SGA agreed on rules for its election process. Votes will be cast online from April 8-10. Campaigning will take place from March 24 to April 7.
Students wishing to run for president or vice president must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher. Those wishing to join SGA as senators must have a GPA of 2.50 or higher.
All candidates must attend one of five information sessions which are scheduled for March 3-5. Candidates are limited to spending $75 and parties to $500 for all campaign expenses.
Strict rules were put in place for campaigning on social media. After campaigning ends on April 7, all messages about the campaign, including those posted by friends or family, must be removed as quickly as possible from candidates’ social media sites.
John Botts, Jakey Dobbs, Michelle Forbes, Rachel Herring and Jacob Yankovich were sworn into SGA. Rashid Fielder-Bey was appointed as a justice.

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