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| Jay Benedict reporter |

The Super Bowl is a unique event every year. Even though only two teams play, the spectacle draws millions of viewers. The game might be exciting or it might be a dud, but it’s always the hottest thing on social media and in conversation Monday morning.
Last year 111 million people watched the game. That means that more than 1 in 3 Americans were tuned in. Much of the draw is the pomp and circumstance that surrounds it. Everyone has an opinion of the halftime show, the commercials are discussed in offices and classrooms and links are posted all over Twitter and Facebook.
Companies spend huge amounts of money on ads because they reach so many viewers. That’s why they put so much time into developing something memorable. This year’s super bowl in New Jersey will be the most expensive. The Jersey Journal estimates that a 30-second spot will cost around $4 million.
Beer and car companies are traditionally the biggest spenders and this year is no different. Last year, Dodge scored with the “God Made a Farmer” commercial. This year, several companies have already released their commercials online. Budweiser hopes to strike a chord with its “Puppy Love” commercial, which features a herd of the iconic Clydesdales unable to let go of a puppy that befriended them.
Whether the game, the commercials or the entertainment are your interest, this event should satisfy it. The commercials are well produced, the halftime show will be a spectacle and the game matches up the two best teams in the league. This game, which is in America’s biggest city’s backyard, just might be the biggest one yet.
If you don’t have a party to attend, McCarthy’s Pub and Chatter’s will both be open and have the game on.

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