SGA supports food pantry

Robin Siteneski | reporter

The Student Government Association (SGA) decided Wednesday to allocate $2,200 to help kick off the Gorilla Assistance Pantry.
The on-campus organization will provide food for Pittsburg State students in need. The SGA money will be a one-time grant, to be used to buy the office supplies and equipment necessary for administration. All food will come from other sources.
The group will be subject to new rules approved in the same meeting for every student organization.
The main change is that on-campus organizations will now only receive from SGA the amount they can prove they spent with receipts. A fine on the difference between the receipts and what organizations planned to spend was repealed.
The SGA discussed its own budget as well. The 2013-2014 budget’s allocations went down from $82,030 to $81,760. Among the changes, the $250 budget for a recycling program was cut and about $500 will be used to fix SGA’s computers and printers.
Budget concerns were one of the reasons the group decided not to go to Topeka with the Student Advisory Committee for Higher Education Day.
The Pitt State student representative body would have joined students from other Kansas state universities in Topeka to meet with state legislators but that would have cost at least $500.
The group also felt that it achieved little by participating in the trip in previous years.
They said one of the talking points set by committee was not an important concern for Pitt State students; other schools will ask to end Kansas sales taxes on books.
Two SGA senators ran for election chairman. Lindsay Ong and James Saltat were chosen as co-chairs. The election will be held in April to choose the next SGA executive cabinet and class of senators.
A new senator for graduate students, Mazhar Ladji, was also sworn into the organization.

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