Pitt Bingo Extreme

| Gretchen Burns reporter |

Reenacting the Jack/Rose scene from “Titanic,” sizzling on the ground like bacon and singing the theme song to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” have one thing in common. Students performed these and more while playing Extreme Bingo in the Dellinger Underground on Wednesday, Jan. 28.
The program was put on by the Residence Hall Assembly for students living in the residence halls. Roughly 20 students attended the event.
“I thought it was a lot of fun, I got Fruit-by-the-Foot,” said Hailey Becker, sophomore in elementary education. “I think more programs like this would be fun.”

During bingo on Wednesday Jan. 29 Jeff Piepenbrink, senior in physical education gets a bingo and does a handstand for his prize.

During bingo on Wednesday Jan. 29 Jeff Piepenbrink, senior in physical education gets a bingo and does a handstand for his prize.

Grace Fritz learned about the concept of Extreme Bingo during a regional housing conference from representatives of another school.
“They talked about how they put it on and then let us play a few rounds and gave out some prizes,” said Fritz, RHA programming communications coordinator. “Several members of our delegation went to the presentation and we all came back wanting to do it here.”
Zaya Brooks won one of the blackout games, and loved the experience of the program.
“The atmosphere and the people were awesome for this,” said Brooks, sophomore in childhood education.
Fritz said that Extreme Bingo is like regular bingo except participants are given extra elements while playing. Players have to dance, act out scenes, yell their favorite movie out loud, impersonate celebrities, or perform other actions to be able to put their markers on the board.
During a blackout game, students were required to yell “Winter is coming” instead of blackout, or their game would not count.
One of the exciting points of the night was when RHA President Bethany Harris had a number called and lay down on the floor only to learn that she had to do the worm. Not knowing how, a fellow student helped her out by lifting up her legs.
“I feel like I have dirt all over my shirt now,” said Harris, senior in pre-law while laughing.
Prizes were handed out to students who not only won bingo, but candy was given to those who performed the best dance moves, had the fastest reflexes and who showed the most creativity. Prizes included Donettes, a box of six donuts, a Pittsburg State University garden gnome, dvds, plastic children’s sandwich boxes with a matching utensil set, card games and candy.
Kelly Hentzen won the card game “Apples to Apples” and thought that the concept of the program was really interesting, but balked when it came to some of the things she had to perform or do when her number was called, like when she had to trade her bingo board with another student.
“It’s fun, there’s sometimes that I don’t want to switch my board, so I hide it from everyone,” said Hentzen, sophomore in history. “It’s a fun twist on an old game.”

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