Sharing some holiday humble pie

Marcus Clem | editor in chief

As we come to the halfway point of the year, I would just like to take some time to reflect on how far we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished in spite of my leadership.
Thanks are due to too many names to list, but gratitude isn’t good enough for a community that deserves everything we’ve accomplished.
First, as always, are the students. The Collegio serves the entire Pittsburg State community, but student fee dollars pay for our existence.
That’s more valuable than raw money or simply giving me a job, though I appreciate it.
Students walk into 210 Whitesitt Hall and volunteer their time and effort, sometimes for no pay, only to have what’s essentially extra homework plastered over 5,000 issues for everyone to judge.
I want to emphasize my heartfelt appreciation for those who have written for us as volunteers. It takes special dedication and character, all my cajoling aside, and you’ve made this opinion page.
The rest of you provide the gorilla’s share of inter-communal discussion that forms the basis of any good news outlet.
You respond to our questions and contribute the criticism we need to learn, including the angry voicemail messages that I need to stay entertained in the late nights and early mornings.
I hope that more of you decide to write for us and give that invaluable feedback in the future.
Our faculty and staff are the foundation for all of this.
That’s first true with Gerard Attoun, director of student publications. We are, bottom line, learners, and he’s our teacher.
Novice newsies need someone, preferably an irascible, nettlesome, “expert” journalist to proudly tear the paper to shreds and fuel us to do better, if only to shut him up. Instead we have Gerard, but he’ll do.
The faculty and instructors of campus are our resident experts, who for some reason spend all day sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience and then do it all over for the reporter who didn’t pay attention.
Everyone else on campus plays an even more critical part, from the police who protect us and update us as promptly as possible when unfortunate things happen, to the custodial staff who somehow keep our office in order.
Seventeen issues are done. Fourteen are in the works. We won’t be able to do it without you all, especially so long as I’m in charge, so thank you again for the best that I hope is yet to come.

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