City Commission clarifies ordinance

Marcus Clem | editor in chief An unusually max-capacity audience at the Pittsburg City Commission meeting served as a background for hours of petitions and debate on Tuesday, Nov. 26. After hearing petitions and holding discussion on the issue, the commission unanimously voted in Ordinance G-1196, which defines a table of standards for recorded decibel (dB) limits for various areas of the city. The areas of greatest concern are residential and commercial areas, and specifically the downtown overlay district that includes both. The overlay district was adopted at the commission’s meeting on Nov. 12. Most districts now operate on a 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. elevated-noise permission schedule. The overlay’s schedule extends to 1 a.m….

They can do WHAT?

Athletes showcase talent during second annual show Kelsea Renz | managing editor Student athletes showed off their diverse talents outside of sports at the second annual Gorillas Got Talent on Tuesday, Dec. 3. Athletes representing softball, golf, men’s basketball, volleyball, football and baseball performed acts varying from singing to dancing to skits. “It was a chance to do something outside of my sport,” said Jake Stevenson, junior baseball player. “And it was a chance to bond with my teammates.” Stevenson and sophomore Kylie Gafford were the masters of ceremony for the talent show. A panel of judges, including John Fatkin, Kristina Willis, Phil Scott, and Kaylee Cole of KIX 102.5, joined them for the competition….

Deadly disease

Tyler Egvert, senior in biology and spanish, draws a vaccine.

Meningitis a concern for universities Marcus Clem | editor in chief Young, healthy adults, including college students, generally have few health concerns to fear. One example of a contagious disease that does keep university and public health officials on their toes is bacterial meningitis. “It is definitely (a disease) where infected people should get on aggressive treatment with high-powered antibiotics,” said Carrie Farrington, nurse practitioner at Bryant Student Health Center. Pittsburg’s outbreak Ten years ago, in fall 2003, a meningitis emergency struck Pittsburg State just as students were departing for winter break. University officials and health professionals held emergency sessions on combating the disease that can have a mortality rate, without proper treatment, of as…

Dishing it out, or not

SGA handles allocations with caution Marcus Clem | editor in chief Read the freaking manual. In essence, that is the message that Rodney Kimlin, Student Government Association (SGA) treasurer and graduate student in communication, wants student clubs to take away from this semester’s allocations experience. The way Kimlin sees it – with the support of a solid majority of SGA’s senators – the various 50 percent deductions suffered by student clubs were a slap on the wrist. These organizations, which did not properly submit explanatory appendices to justify their requests for funds, could have been deprived entirely. “The handbook explains everything,” Kimlin said. “The appendices take some time, but those are needed so I can…