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Students complain over language-major deletion

J. Fred Fox | reporter

Several students attended the Student Government Association meeting on Wednesday to voice outrage over the announcement that the Spanish and French majors will be deleted.
The students said they were concerned about the sudden announcement and that it wasn’t discussed with students as much as it should have been.
Other students expressed concerns about the credibility of their degree if it’s from a university that will no longer offer it.
Others remarked on their worry that students will leave Pittsburg State if the major programs go away.
Sen. Linzee Flores, president of the Spanish club, said that the reason for the change was due to a lack of students graduating only in Spanish.
Flores claimed that a university program-review committee, assembled under Kansas Board of Regents guidelines, made the decision because an average of less than 10 students graduated in recent years with Spanish as their only major.
Flores said that these numbers did not factor in the many students who double major in Spanish.
She also said that 10 students are expected to graduate in Spanish this December. Seventeen are scheduled to receive their degrees in May.
No faculty member positions will be lost on account of these changes.
“SGA needs to represent students yet to come to PSU,” Flores said. “We need to keep PSU acknowledged as a globally focused institution like its mission statement states.”
MacKenzi Tims said that she believes the decision is a big mistake.
Tims added that she still has a lot of unanswered questions even after receiving a “vague” letter given out in her Spanish class.
A Question and Answer forum covering the issue is set for 2 p.m. Friday, Oct. 4, in Grubbs 102.
Sen. Ethan Spurling says that he has hopes that this decision will not prove to be final.
“KU and Washburn went through the same situation and were able to overturn the decision,” he said.
Sen. William Ravenstein suggested that SGA vote in the near future to take an official position.

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